5 Design Tips for Small Bedrooms

Posted by John P. Bradford // January 3, 2017

small bedrooms

Designing a small bedroom may seem like a daunting task at first glance. But, diminutive size should not discourage you. On the contrary: spatially challenged bedrooms present a great opportunity to unleash your inner designer and get your creative juices flowing. Many small bedrooms have much more character than their larger counterparts. What’s more, you […]

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What Size Television Should You Buy For Your Home?

Posted by John P. Bradford // December 9, 2016

What Size Television Should I Buy? created by Conn’s HomePlus

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Step by Step, Room by Room towards an Organized Home

Posted by John P. Bradford // December 7, 2016

organized home

Keeping your home organised isn’t the same as keeping it clean. Even if sorted out, clutter is still clutter. This means that even if you stack old magazines neatly, it’s still a pile of unnecessary items that creates an atmosphere of disarray. Therefore, should you decide to take a step towards having an organised home, […]

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A Fresh Take on Burglar-Proofing Your Doors

Posted by John P. Bradford // December 5, 2016


More than two thirds of burglars choose to enter a home through a door, either front or back one. This may come as a surprise, since doors are usually made of solid material, unlike windows, but it just shows what your most vulnerable access point is. Naturally, improving the level of security provided by your […]

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Residential Electrical Safety: The Essentials

Posted by John P. Bradford // November 30, 2016

residential electrical safety

Residential Electrical Safety: The Essentials While your home symbolizes a safe environment, keeping it that way requires a bit of effort and some know-how. Among the top dangers in any home-owner faces is electricity. Residential electrical safety ensures protection not just from electrical shocks, but from house fires, as well. It also ensures your devices […]

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Keeping Your Home Secure

Posted by John P. Bradford // November 28, 2016

Keeping Your Home Secure created by SABRE

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Keep Your Home Fresh as a Mountain Breeze

Posted by John P. Bradford // November 23, 2016

Home Fresh

Fresh air is very important for our health. It affects our respiratory system, boosts our immune system and helps protect our digestive system. Being surrounded by poor quality air can have some harmful side effects on our bodies like constant headaches, allergies, asthma and many other illnesses. A lot of people don’t live in the […]

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Step by Step Guide to Hiring Best Home Builders

Posted by John P. Bradford // November 21, 2016


So, you are keen on building your own home and thus you are considering hiring the best home builders. But before you set off on this path, there are a few crucial elements to understand here. Not only should you be aware of tips on finding these builders but there are a few questions that […]

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Building A More Eco Friendly Home

Posted by John P. Bradford // November 16, 2016

Building A More Eco-Friendly Home created by Donald A. Gardner Architects, Inc

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How to Invest in Real Estate: Guide for 2017

Posted by John P. Bradford // November 14, 2016


The average income is not improving, which means the upcoming 2017 will not be a good year for people looking to buy a home. But even when the economy is bad, people who invest in real estate can make serious money. It is a game of supply and demand. The prices of properties tend to […]

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