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Contingencies for Northern Virginia Home Buyers

Posted by John P. Bradford // August 31, 2015


Some say that as a Northern Virginia home buyer there are really only three contingencies you need to be familiar with, but that is not always the case. There are many contingencies that can be tied to a home purchase and since every Northern Virginia home buyer, situation, and property is different, you may benefit […]

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Getting Your Home Market Ready

Posted by John P. Bradford // August 24, 2015

market ready

If you made the decision to sell yesterday and you are already writing your listing, you may want to press the pause button for a minute. There is little chance that your home is ready to be listed immediately. There is a little prep work involved in getting your home market ready. Focus on the […]

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5 Worst First-Time Home Buyer Mistakes

Posted by John P. Bradford // August 21, 2015

Home Buyer Mistakes

Buying your own home is a big step in anyone’s life, but it can also be a step in the wrong direction if you’re not careful enough. Being well informed is the key in this delicate matter, as any mistakes could turn out to be major obstacles in your otherwise bright future. Financial and legal […]

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How To Choose Windows For Your Renovation Project

Posted by John P. Bradford // August 19, 2015

Restored Windows

The process of choosing new windows for your home can have a positive effect on other things within your home, or negative, if you make a bad choice. Naturally, the most important feature here is energy efficiency, along with their design and functionality. I’ll try to help you bring the right decision.  Visual Features of […]

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How to Handle a Low Appraisal

Posted by John P. Bradford // August 17, 2015

low appraisal

Buying and selling a home can be an emotional rollercoaster. When you get the call that the appraisal is lower than the offer it can definitely feel like your ride just took a wrong turn off the tracks. Before you get stressed and panic, close your eyes and take a deep breath. This does not […]

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Implement These Credit Boosting Habits

Posted by John P. Bradford // August 10, 2015

credit boosting habits

Some people discover their credit score is low, and assume there is no point in even trying to buy a home. Well, improving your credit score takes a little effort, but it is certainly possible. Below are a few credit boosting habits that you should begin implementing today! Pay Bills On Time – A lot […]

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How Buying a Home Changes You

Posted by John P. Bradford // August 3, 2015

buying a home

Buying a home tends to change people in more ways than they expect it to. Sure, you already know your savings account is about to get drained for your down payment, but the differences between the “owner” you and “renter” you extend well beyond the size of your bank account. You Use New Lingo – […]

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