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The Broke Person’s Guide to Home Improvement

Posted by John P. Bradford // May 31, 2016

Home Improvement

The upcoming warm months make you think about home improvement renovations? These projects can be quite expensive and can drain your finances in a nick of time. If you are a hard core DIY enthusiast, you already know your way to save money. A well-managed and executed project can transform the look and the feel […]

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6 Ways To Make The Most of a Small Space

Posted by John P. Bradford // May 24, 2016

Small Space

Living in a small space is a challenge that many people face with, especially those living in apartments. Of course, it is not something unheard of for house owners either. There are several creative and practical ways that can help anyone use the space they have most efficiently and achieve pleasant and chaos-free atmosphere. Tidy […]

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Cooling luxury property market may get icier thanks to ‘dirty money’ crackdown

Posted by John P. Bradford // May 20, 2016

There are warning signs that the luxury property market is coming down from a high, and calls for greater transparency of ownership may topple it further From New York to London, the air seems to be getting a little thinner at the dizzy heights of the property market. The collapse of a 78-story shadow-maker condo […]

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How To Own A Home Before You’re 30, According To Real Estate Experts

Posted by John P. Bradford // May 19, 2016

Wanna make that studio apartment into a full-on house? Many ambitious renters in their 20s are aiming to become real-deal homeowners by the time they hit 30 years old. And you don’t have to be an overachiever in order to join them. Turns out many of us CAN own a home or apartment by the time we’re […]

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Everything You Need to Have to Become DIY Expert

Posted by John P. Bradford // May 16, 2016


In the information age of today, where handy tips are just a few clicks away, and economic climate still shabby, taking on DIY projects is a necessity, more than a hobby. Alas, homes do not come with a remodeling road map, or a set of necessary tools for giving your place a makeover. These things […]

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How Washington is creating affordable housing with recycled Canadian homes

Posted by John P. Bradford // May 13, 2016

Heritage homes from Victoria are being shipped to nearby San Juan island even as the Vancouver areas rising real estate prices push residents out On a sunny day in August, three small homes floated across the waters of the Haro strait, their gray rooftops bobbing as the barge they sat on slowly made its way […]

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Landlords who exclude ex-convicts may be breaking the law, HUD says

Posted by John P. Bradford // May 11, 2016

New guidance relies on concept of disparate impact, noting that black and Latino people are disproportionately incarcerated and more likely to be excluded Landlords who use criminal convictions to exclude prospective renters may be breaking the law, according to new guidance from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. A housing provider violates the […]

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Tips to Modernize Your Dining Room

Posted by John P. Bradford // May 11, 2016

Dining Room

The dining room is not just a regular area of your home. It is the place where family and friends have pleasant talks and share the most interesting and important moments of their everyday life while consuming tasty meals. We may even call the dining room a socializing place that can really contribute to the […]

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Home Building 101: 5 Tips For Building Your Home

Posted by John P. Bradford // May 9, 2016


A decision to build a home might be one of the biggest ventures in your life. Most people won’t bother with this – they will simply purchase a previously built house and renovate it a bit. It’s no wonder since building a home, especially a first one, can be a rough ride. However, it can […]

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Bajillion Dollar Properties: the home-buying parody show with grand designs

Posted by John P. Bradford // May 6, 2016

Comedy Bang Bangs Scott Aukerman has teamed up with his wife Kulap Vilaysack to lampoon the gauche excesses of some homebuyers Scott Aukerman, the creator of podcast and IFC TV show Comedy Bang Bang as well as the Funny or Die interview parody series Between Two Ferns, didnt have to look that far for his […]

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