The Broke Person’s Guide to Home Improvement

The Broke Person’s Guide to Home Improvement

Home ImprovementThe upcoming warm months make you think about home improvement renovations? These projects can be quite expensive and can drain your finances in a nick of time. If you are a hard core DIY enthusiast, you already know your way to save money. A well-managed and executed project can transform the look and the feel of the whole room and add up the value of your home.  We’ve rounded up a few simple upgrades with huge impact and minimal costs to help you improve your place without going broke.

Boost Your Home’s Appearance with a Splash of Paint

It’s not surprising that painting is the most often tackled renovation project. Adding a new coat of paint will not cost you a lot, but will completely transform your place. Refresh your dull and washed-out walls with a bit of paint. Just pick a color that suits your interior and go ahead. While you don’t have to be a pro to complete the job, there is more to painting than simply applying some color on the wall.

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Do you need to sand or scrap the walls, before you apply the coating? What type of paint is suitable for your situation (we’re not talking about color)? If you are switching from oil-based to acrylic paint, the new coat may not stick. Unlike water-based, solvent based products require specific cleaners. Look for scratches, holes and gaps you need to fill before you apply the paint. Cleaning the dust and debris from the walls before start working is an essential step.Home Improvement

Transform Your Furniture

You don’t need to head to the furniture store just yet. Save money and breathe new life to you
r old pieces with a bit of paint. It will instantly hide the marks of heavy usage on your furnishing. Here are other ideas you can incorporate around the house:

  • change the knobs and pulls of your kitchen cabinets
  • re-upholster the old sofa or dining room chairs
  • build headboard out of salvaged materials
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Update Your Appliances

You can go a step a further and transform electric appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers or stoves. Apply some stainless steel finish on your old items for minimalistic look and easy cleaning and maintenance. Start by sanding any rusty spots on the appliances and clean the grime and grease. Use a painter’s tape to secure the inside of the appliance’s door. Spry rust inhibiting and apply a thin coat of liquid stainless steel with roller. Eliminate the lap marks by dragging wide foam brush over the wet surface. Wait until dry and add a second coat of stainless steel. This time, drag the foam brush in the opposite direction. Let it dry and apply a couple of coats of clear sealer. Treat the handles with spray paint. Easy and affordable!

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Reinvent Your Entry

Make a good first impression by investing in a new front door or by simply repainting it. You will be amazed by the dramatic difference this simple update can make to the exterior of your home. You can also consider installing new outdoors lightening.

With these simple projects, you are ready to give your home the make-over it deserves. Keep in mind that even a simple thing like a thorough domestic cleaning can change your interior.

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