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Dear First Time Home Seller: Read This

Posted by John P. Bradford // June 29, 2015

first time home sellers

If you are a first time home seller getting ready to sell your home there is a good chance your nerves are a little frazzled. Where do you even begin? The process can be a bit overwhelming, but following these tips will help minimize stress. 1. Price it Right – List price is one of […]

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Home Disasters: Prevention is Better than Cure

Posted by John P. Bradford // June 26, 2015

fire prevention

If you think for a while, your home is so much more than simple place which provides you with storage and shelter. Your home is your very own fortress where you retreat after hard working day to enjoy hours spent with family and guard you from all the negative things out there. That still doesn’t […]

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Spruce up your Bare Walls

Posted by John P. Bradford // June 24, 2015

Wall Decoration

Bare walls are boring, and reflect a homeowner’s lack of imagination. There is so much you can do to add remarkable style features to your vertical surfaces. Here are some of the ideas. Some of these improvements will work for you, and some will not. The overall style and décor of your home will ultimately […]

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How to Prequalify Homebuyers

Posted by John P. Bradford // June 22, 2015

prequalify homebuyers

Your goal is to find a buyer with money who is ready to move. Seems straight forward enough, right? Unfortunately, there are plenty of people “shopping” without any real interest, and there are also some willing to move tomorrow if they can find a lender willing to take on another risk case. Spending your time […]

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Common Household Pests and How to Get Rid of Them

Posted by John P. Bradford // June 19, 2015

pest control

Often living with us without paying the rent, household pests ere thriving on our resources while getting on our nerves. Pesticides and other chemical products have immense environmental footprint, as they are hard to isolate on they contaminate the soil or water sources.  This short guide will try to point out the characteristics of the […]

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Green Ways to Thoroughly Clean Your Pool Patio

Posted by John P. Bradford // June 17, 2015

Pool Patio

Having a swimming pool in your very own backyard is an über privilege, we all know that. You can choose whether you want to drink your coffee next to the soothing sound of water or swim your troubles away under the afternoon sun.  But when it comes to hygiene, pool patios can be quite problematic […]

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Should You Sell Before Buying?

Posted by John P. Bradford // June 15, 2015

sell before buying

One of the biggest decisions homeowners face is trying to decide whether to sell their current home or buy a new one first. Well, there are actually pros and cons for both scenarios. This list should help you make your decision. Sell Before Buying 1. Money for Down Payment – Most buyers need the money […]

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Things to Consider Before A Bathroom Renovation Project

Posted by John P. Bradford // June 12, 2015

bathroom renovation

When it comes to house renovation, many homeowners often get into the transformation process without evaluating some factors that may save time, money and lead to better results. Bathroom renovation can include a lot of tasks, from choosing a new design to repairing old plumbing installations. All this can be completed more efficiently if you […]

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Reasons for Using Outdoor Furniture Indoors

Posted by John P. Bradford // June 10, 2015

outdoor furniture indoors

One of newest trends this season is decorating interior with stylish outdoor furniture. A unique feature of this indoor-outdoor furniture is to import the vigor and crispness of the garden morning indoors, while maintaining its function as comfortable and fashionable indoor furniture. If you grew tired of your upholstered pieces and designs that everyone seems […]

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Millennials: Have You Ever Wondered What They Are Looking for in a Home?

Posted by John P. Bradford // June 8, 2015


In general, people are building smaller, smarter homes. In fact, the national average square footage per home has dropped substantially in recent years. Thanks to an economic downturn, much of the population has come to appreciate smaller homes. Well, except for millennials! Buyers in their 20s and 30s are still drawn to larger homes. Millennials […]

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