Create the Perfect Northern Virginia Home Listing

Create the Perfect Northern Virginia Home Listing

perfect northern virginia home listing

If you thought determining a listing price was a challenge wait until you write your actual Northern Virginia home listing. You have a lot to say about your home, but it’s common to get a little case of writer’s block when you have to actually put all your thoughts into words. Not to mention, you want the Northern Virginia home listing to attract and hold attention long enough for the buyer to get all the information they need to decide that your house is one they definitely want to take a look at.

1. Lead with Your Best Points

This is not a best seller where you need to spend several chapters just getting to the perfect climax near the end of the story. You only have a few seconds to hook your reader with a listing, so lead with the points you think they will be intrigued by.

Keep in mind that most buyers have many listings sent to them daily via text or email, and they rarely have time to read through them all. If you can pique their interest right away, they will either continue reading or they will return to it when they have time later.

2. Short and Sweet

Buyers don’t have time to read long Northern Virginia home listing. They don’t need to know its history or that you raised five kids in it. Touch on its important features and perhaps provide a brief summary of the neighborhood and nearby amenities, such as the school and park. If you are in walking distance to a farmers market or library these may be good points to include, as well.

3. Make it Readable with Bullets

Ideally, your listing will be under 250 words, but this doesn’t mean it should be one block of writing. People like to scan information for points that jump out at them. Small paragraphs are great, but bullet points are even better. You can even do a few small paragraphs, and then recap the most important points in bullets. An easy to scan list will tell them if they should invest more time reading. A few points to mention in bullet form include location, number of bathrooms and bedrooms, lot size, interior square footage, and school district.

4. Use Trigger Words Thoughtfully

There are trigger words that can add value to your Northern Virginia home listing. However, if used excessively, they can make you look like you are trying too hard to impress, so use these words thoughtfully. A few include luxurious, captivating, landscaped, beautiful, spotless, and updated. Absolutely avoid commonly overused words such as “huge” and “amazing.”

The content of the listing is the first intro the buyer really gets about your home. They may have seen a photo already and perhaps they have driven by, but aside from visual appeal, they know nothing. It is your job to help them make an informed decision by providing information that will encourage them to get to know your house a little better.

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