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Things To Know About Home Remodeling And House Renovation Services

Posted by John P. Bradford // June 29, 2016


Home renovation is a great idea for adding value to your home. However, hasty decisions and not planning properly with house renovation services can lead to disastrous results. On the other hand, some guiding tips and ideas will help you accomplish your renovating dreams. Including considerable planning in the entire project will also ensure that […]

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Do-It-Yourself Regular Home Maintenance

Posted by John P. Bradford // June 22, 2016

Home Maintenance

The pleasures of home ownership are many, but the responsibilities of maintaining a home can sometimes seem overwhelming. This handy checklist of common home maintenance tasks, broken down into seasons and months, can help make those tasks more manageable. Some of these tasks are more essential than others. Those most essential are those that affect […]

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Important Aspects To Consider When Buying New Property

Posted by John P. Bradford // June 20, 2016

buying new property

Owning a home is dream which many people unfortunately never fulfill. On the other hand, owning property isn’t a thing for everyone. Despite the fact that many people would tell you that buying property is a safe and fail-proof investment, there are many facts to consider here – home values do not always go up […]

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How to Properly Service Your Air Conditioning

Posted by John P. Bradford // June 14, 2016

Air Conditioning

Hiring a professional every time you need a check-up or maintenance for your Air Conditioning unit can be a bit costly. The money you may spent on such visits can stay in your pocket if you commit to regular upkeep. You wouldn’t believe what a standard maintenance you can carry out yourself does for the […]

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Market-Savvy Landlord’s Guide to Maximum Rental Profits

Posted by John P. Bradford // June 7, 2016


The goods news is that residential property market is booming across the globe, which means safe bounty for both landlords and home sellers. The bad news? The modern renter is a picky critter who understands the value of money and wants the biggest at-home bang for his buck. The landscape of tenant preferences is constantly […]

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Johnny Manziel’s Troubles Continue The Football Player Is Now Facing A Lawsuit Over Allegedly Destroying A Party House!

Posted by John P. Bradford // June 5, 2016

Oh, Johnny Manziel… The A real estate broker who rented the mansion in the Hollywood Hills to Manziel is claiming that the football player destroyed it with drug-fueled parties, and now, the broker wants money to fix it! Nicholas Goodwin, the man suing Johnny, alleges in the lawsuit he was initially approached by a man […]

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19 Hipster Apartments That Will Make You Want To Move In ASAP

Posted by John P. Bradford // June 4, 2016

Lately, the hipster movement has been gaining a lot of momentum. As a growing number of people hop on the hipster bandwagon, it seems like were seeing more flannel, beanies, man buns and cold brew coffee shops than ever before. Not too long ago, we showed you a bunch of hipster restaurants that were ruining […]

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Homes near Google co-founder Larry Page and Steve Jobs’ widow aren’t selling like they used to

Posted by John P. Bradford // June 4, 2016

A luxury housing community in the foothills of Fremont California near Silicon Valley. Image: Steve Proehl/getty images A custom-built home in the heart of Californias Silicon Valley had its price cut by $500,000 last week after sitting on the market since the end of March a move that wouldve been almost unfathomable a year ago […]

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8 Ways Your Life Totally Changes When You Buy A Home In Your 20s

Posted by John P. Bradford // June 4, 2016

Did you just buy your first home? Thinking about taking the plunge? Here are eight ways to know youve officially jumped headfirst into one of the biggest adventures of your life: 1. HGTV gives you so much false hope. When we first decided to buy our first home, my husband and I had these high […]

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Gentrification’s toll: ‘It’s you or the bottom line and sorry, it’s not you’

Posted by John P. Bradford // June 4, 2016

Think of gentrification as a localized version of climate change: uprooting species and cultures, punishing the poor and rewarding the rich Last week, the Sierra Club left San Francisco, its home since its founding 124 years ago. Like so many individuals and institutions, it was pushed out by high rent. The Club, the USs largest […]

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