Monthly Archives: April 2016

Green Rehab: Old Homes for New Standards

Posted by John P. Bradford // April 28, 2016

Green Rehab

Sustainability has taken center stage in architecture in the past decade, but however energy- and water-efficient 21st-century home features may be, many buyers and renters still prefer old property to its younger siblings. The reason for this paradox is simple: new houses are yet to stand the test of time, while time-honored buildings have already […]

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4 Common Places Where Mold Lurks and How To Beat It

Posted by John P. Bradford // April 21, 2016


Every homeowner knows just how inconvenient mold can be. Not only does it have a strong odor, therefore diminishing the overall beauty of your home, but it also creates unpleasant stains everywhere. In other words, if your home is to be visually pleasing, it has to go. Like any other plight, mold has its patterns, […]

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Home Safe: How to Put Your Name on It!

Posted by John P. Bradford // April 14, 2016

home safe

There has been an increased interest in purchasing home safes for quite some time now. And, this is not a surprise, given the times we live in. The first reason surely is the continual recession and the increase in number of breaking and entering throughout the world it induced. The second would be a decline […]

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Rustic Decor For Your Bathroom

Posted by John P. Bradford // April 7, 2016

rustic decor

If you think it is time for your bathroom remodeling and redecorating and you really do not dig the vibe of cold and icy feeling that modern bathrooms tend to give off, you might want to consider rustic decor style for your new bathroom d├ęcor since it will bring enough warmth and coziness for you […]

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How to Keep Your Home Safe From Fire

Posted by John P. Bradford // April 5, 2016

fire prevention

There are many ways your house can catch fire, and it will be possible to avoid it if you make sure that you store everything safely. One of the worst parts of fires happening is that they often appear in places where you have a lot of stuff, meaning that it can spread quickly. Nevertheless, […]

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