Monthly Archives: October 2015

How to Organize a Stress-Free Home Move

Posted by John P. Bradford // October 28, 2015

Home Organization

Change is always hard, but more often than not it is completely necessary. One of the toughest changes is moving and although moving your business or room can be hard, moving your home is by far the most stressful. There are so many things to do, so many issues to address and all the time […]

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How to Make Your Home More Marketable to Potential Buyers

Posted by John P. Bradford // October 20, 2015

Marketable Home

Selling a shabby home is harder than you think because nobody is going to purchase a property with leaky roofs, smelly walls and mold everywhere you look. Therefore, in order to reach the full potential of your home and receive the asking price upon sale, it should be in a proper state and ready to […]

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Hints on Building a Proper Home Bar

Posted by John P. Bradford // October 15, 2015

Home Bar

If you are one of those people who have always dreamed about having a bar in their home and now you finally have the means to make it possible it was high time you finally did it. The technology and choice of cut-to-measure materials is so vast nowadays that doing almost any DIY home project […]

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Decor Trend Report: The Basics of Industrial Design

Posted by John P. Bradford // October 5, 2015

Decor Trends

People often wonder what the industrial design really is. There are many different interpretations of it, but a general statement says that it is a trendy style implementing that industrial and natural look into your house, office or any other living space. This style is usually associated with those large spaces with high ceilings, strong […]

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