How to Make Your Home More Marketable to Potential Buyers

How to Make Your Home More Marketable to Potential Buyers

Marketable HomeSelling a shabby home is harder than you think because nobody is going to purchase a property with leaky roofs, smelly walls and mold everywhere you look. Therefore, in order to reach the full potential of your home and receive the asking price upon sale, it should be in a proper state and ready to welcome new owners. This often includes same modifications, redecoration and general fixing of all faulty or non-working items around the home. While it may sound too expensive or difficult, be sure that this will enable you to raise the price and sell your home more quickly and easily. Hence, you should be familiar with the techniques that will attract potential buyers and make your home more marketable.

New is Always Better

 When it comes to renovating your home before putting it on the market, the key is in moderation – do not overdo it and do not renovate too much because you will just end up having a fully retouched home you will not want to vacate. Moreover, you will invest too much money in it, which is far from profitable.

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Therefore, choose what you renovate and make sure you cover all problematic areas that will make potential buyers fall in love with your home. These are the big things, such as insulation issues, flooring and bathroom renovation. If you focus solely on these three, you will prevent yourself from going over budget, but still make your home much cozier, attractive and marketable.

Clean, Fix and De-clutter

 Very few potential buyers will express an interest in purchasing your home if it is dirty, stinky and not taken care of. That is why you should do whatever you can do elevate the level of cleanliness and hygiene. Use a steam carpet cleaner, take care of the stains, clean the windows and make your home completely dust-free. Also, throw everything you do not need in the trash and fix faulty leaks, bad wiring, cracked tile and broken light fixtures.

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The finishing touch to your cleaning process could be repainting the walls – this is an affordable, yet very effective way to lure in the buyers. When choosing colors, opt for neutral and earth tones that suit most people. In the end, you might want to re-size and re-purpose a room or two and create new and inviting spaces, but, instead of doing this on your own, hire trustworthy commercial builders for that project.

Something for Everyone

 Marketable HomeSelling two-bedroom apartments is much harder than selling big family houses equipped with a home theater, gym and a spacious library. Yes, these cost quite a lot, but are also worth much more than a basic real estate because they include a number of intriguing options and fit the needs of all members of the family.

If you want to turn your home into this kind of a place, you should look into remodeling ideas and figure out what can be done at a moderate budget – both indoors and outdoors. Taking care of the garden, seeding a new lawn, repainting the fence and making the patio more functional will do wonders with buyers and make a great first impression. Also, turning the plain old basement into an exciting man cave always creates extra interest.

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Further Ideas

In addition to these ideas, you can make your home more marketable by cleaning the pool, removing all excessive furniture, accentuating the most positive aspects of your home and hiding your personal belongings like fridge magnets and family photos. Making sure that the buyers see the best of your home, but still acknowledge that it can be easily adapted to their own preferences is the key to a successful home sale.

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