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Modern and luxurious ideas for interior décor

Posted by John P. Bradford // May 28, 2015

Interior Design

Luxurious interior decor ideas are something that the majority of people associate with traditional design. This is mainly due to the fact that traditional style is something most  people had contact with or used and the fact that when good old times are mentioned most of us regard them as being better than our present […]

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Adding Coziness to Your Home Office

Posted by John P. Bradford // May 27, 2015

home office

If you want to transform your home office into a snug, lovely place to spend your work hours in utmost comfort, ease and efficiency, you’d better get down to work immediately. Still, knowing which furniture items and accessories to include in your home office is not as simple as it may seem at first sight: […]

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6 Tips for Staging Your Home (For Free!)

Posted by John P. Bradford // May 26, 2015

staging your home

When you hear the word “staging,” do you automatically see dollar signs? Most people do! In fact, the vast majority of sellers think they have to pay someone to stage their home, but this is not necessary. In fact, you don’t have to dip into your moving budget at all. Here are Homes Re-Imagined six […]

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Saving Money On DIY: What You Need To Know

Posted by John P. Bradford // May 25, 2015


DIY projects can be highly rewarding in more than one way: in addition to helping you take proper care of your home, improving your handyman skills and boosting your self-confidence, DIY tasks around the house can also save you a fair amount of repair money. Still, not all of us know which simple DIY projects […]

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Audio Visual Solutions For Your Home

Posted by John P. Bradford // May 21, 2015

Audio Visual

“There’s no place like home”, s Dorothy puts it in the Wizard of Oz. Indeed, if you’re not having fun at home, what’s the point? Smart audio-visual devices for fervent audiophiles and avid film lovers have become widely available on the market, so designing a superior entertainment room with all the vital hi-tech gadgets is […]

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Pricing Your Home to Sell

Posted by John P. Bradford // May 19, 2015

pricing your home

There is a science to pricing your home, but it all comes down to supply and demand. No two agents will price a property the same way, so you should never choose an agent according to price. Someone who gives you an inflated range could have you disappointed in a couple weeks. Plus, the listing […]

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What is trendy outdoor remodeling and decor for 2015?

Posted by John P. Bradford // May 14, 2015

Outdoor Remodeling and decor

Having an outdoor area within a house property brings the privilege of spending amusing outside moments just a few steps from indoor environment.  While those times, when traditional backyard’s purpose was related only to occasional family gatherings within classical patio, slowly remain in the past, improved design and contemporary equipment of outdoor areas got increased […]

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Create the Perfect Northern Virginia Home Listing

Posted by John P. Bradford // May 12, 2015

perfect northern virginia home listing

If you thought determining a listing price was a challenge wait until you write your actual Northern Virginia home listing. You have a lot to say about your home, but it’s common to get a little case of writer’s block when you have to actually put all your thoughts into words. Not to mention, you […]

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Tips On Improving Weak Points In Home Security

Posted by John P. Bradford // May 7, 2015

Home Security

Unlike slipping on a banana peel, I think there isn’t a person in the urban world who hasn’t had anything stolen from them. Cash, laptops, instruments, jewelry, handbags, cameras, wallets, watches… you name it. Man has been pilfering things long before he even started harnessing fire. So since we don’t know what could fetch a […]

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How to Impress During Your Home Loan Interview

Posted by John P. Bradford // May 5, 2015

home loan interview

Everyone gives you tips for shopping for a home, applying for a loan, and surviving the closing process. Why doesn’t anyone ever mention the home loan interview? Well, if this is the first you are hearing about it these tips will help you nail it. Arrive Prepared It is going to be hard for a […]

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