Modern and luxurious ideas for interior décor

Modern and luxurious ideas for interior décor

Interior DesignLuxurious interior decor ideas are something that the majority of people associate with traditional design. This is mainly due to the fact that traditional style is something most  people had contact with or used and the fact that when good old times are mentioned most of us regard them as being better than our present situation. However, luxurious and modern can go hand in hand when it comes to interior décor and here are several successful ideas that prove it.

 General characteristics

First of all, where modern is concerned the focus is on the variety of materials used, which is enabled by the ever improving technology and production. Next, the combination of materials and different color settings, and finally the choice of patterns and intertextuality that allows combinations of different styles in achieving contrasting yet uniform décor solutions.

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Metal, glass, wood, plastic…

Interior DecorModern design is bold and simplistic at the same time and combinations of various materials are allowed and welcomed. Wooden floor, carved with ornaments goes perfectly well with a grand size bed made of cast iron. Shelves, along with lighting fixtures carefully placed on the ceiling, all made of metal bring a strong touch of modern as well.  Of course, you are not limited to metal only; there is a plenitude of modern chandeliers in designer light shops that will make a statement in your room. Chairs made of vivid colored thick plastic in various ergonomic shapes would perfectly fit any kids’ room, as well as any study. If this is too bold for your working environment, choose those covered in leather and you will combine durability and ergonomics with elegance. As for glass, allow as many windows and means of letting natural light in as possible. Modern design needs a lot of space and a lot of light to portray all of its glory.

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If you opt for upholstered furniture, natural fabrics should be your choice. The choice is wide, cotton, linen, silk, leather, wool, to name the prominent ones, and the patterns available are almost infinite and highly customizable thanks to technological solutions available today.

Color, space, lines

Once again, it is important to emphasize the simplistic approach. Space needs to be asSpiral Staircase open as possible, by all means do not clutter any of the rooms. Less is more is a motto you need to adopt. This is emphasized by having a lot of light, preferably natural. Therefore, windows that cover the entire walls, open ceilings and open floor planes are characteristic for successful modern décor ideas. Furthermore, contrasting or complementary colors are a good choice. Black and white combinations are modern classics. When furniture lines and lines in general are concerned, avoid curves, especially luxurious ones. Remember, keep things simple and let your space breathe. Having a central piece is another modern design idea. For example, an ornamented spiral wooden staircase is one possible focus of attention and everything you add elsewhere in the room should only minimally contribute.

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Functional, simple but elegant and natural are fundamentals of modern interior décor. Honor them and you will surely enjoy your living space, at the same time impressing anyone that visits.

Written By Derek Lotts

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