Antique Carved Dining Table: The Star of Your Interiors

Antique Carved Dining Table: The Star of Your Interiors

AntiqueTo make your room look classy and elegant, it is not mandatory to use only contemporary designer furniture. You can avail help from some classic and traditional designs. Let’s take French provincial design, for instance. Here, you will enjoy the richness of French design and also the architectural beauty, mingling well with the soft and elegant interior décor of your place. It is the finest example of an antique, classic solution, manufactured using premium quality wooden materials. The furniture is known for its long lasting features and unmatched classiness. Available in different shapes and sizes, these pieces will help in highlighting your rustic yet classic choice.


Some of the basic qualities of the table are :

  • The dining table is mostly manufactured using premium quality raw materials. It can be made from either oak or mahogany, both of which are known for their long lasting attributes. Some cheaper options include walnut, rosewood, elm, sycamore, or pine.
  • The top portion of the table is always shiny. It has a glossy texture on top, which creates an extra protective layer.
  • The product is well varnished with chemicals that protect the shiny texture of the tables, even after a longer period of time.
  • The legs and the side portion of the table are also carved. The design varies from one product to another. For example, dining tables usually have less details, while the ones used for tea parties, like in England in 1700s, had many carvings.
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Comes with a complete setAntique

In case you are planning to invest money in  this stunning wooden piece, you will receive not just the table, but the matching chairs as well. It is a complete package. Moreover, with some reliable online stores, you will even receive discounts on the complete set. Each table comes with six chairs. However, as the table size increases, you can get up to eight chairs. It depends solely on the intended use and the size of the room you have at your disposal, and, of course, your pre-set budget plans. If you want to invest some extra money on the dining room set, you can opt for dining chairs with cushion covers.

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Now for the chairsAntique

The dining table cannot be a star on it’s own, it needs its “back-up dancers”. The classic design of the tables and chairs mingle well with each other as the chairs do not stray from the overall design. Some of the impeccable features of chairs are:

  • The chairs are well decorated with wooden frames and cushiony seating, providing you with extra comfort.
  • The colors of cushions are usually available in two shades; dark and subtle. It depends on the customer’s choice.
  • Sometimes, the cushions are available in self-designer prints. It is recommended that these prints be floral to keep the authenticity.
  • Some of the common colors used are dark brown, cream, white and beige
  • The chairs have longer back for supporting your body, so you don’t have to worry about your back.


Create the Perfect EnvironmentAntique

The interior design principles say that mixing and matching have to be done carefully in order to avoid bringing chaos rather than serenity. The beautiful carved dining table will not work if the surrounding environment is not perfect. Lighting plays a pivotal role in enriching the overall atmosphere. However, not just any lighting will do. It is important to place a chandelier just on top of the dining table, complementing the style. Since most of the tables are brown, research what kind of colors you can combine and not end up with a travesty of a dining room. Ensure that you set a budget first, and look for the best dining table for your home, that will make a statement about your character and style.

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A piece of advice on an Antique Set

If you want a well crafted, authentic dining set with a background, hit the antique stores. Mind you, these pieces can be quite pricey.  If you never cared for being an elitist, supporting a local carpenter or a local business is a sane choice too. They can provide you with the same quality, minus the historical background.

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