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Statistics Every Home Buyer Needs to Know

Posted by John P. Bradford // September 28, 2015

home buyer

If when you see numerical stats does your brain just shut down? If so, you are part of the majority! The human brain is already overloaded with information, so it is no wonder that it does not get thrilled over having additional numbers thrown in its direction. However, if you are shopping for a home […]

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Find a Great School Without Breaking the Bank

Posted by John P. Bradford // September 21, 2015

northern virginia school

We have a tendency to placeĀ elite schools in pricey neighborhoods up on a pedestal. There is a good chance that those coveted schools deserve to be looked up to, but that does not mean there are not some fantastic schools in areas where housing is more affordable. That being said, if you are set on […]

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Curb Appeal “Don’ts” for Northern Virginia Home Sellers

Posted by John P. Bradford // September 14, 2015

curb appeal

Many Northern Virginia home sellers put a lot of time into staging and cleaning the interior of their home to sell, but do nothing to the front yard. Curb appeal provides potential buyers with a strong first impression. You want potential buyers to instantly feel like the listing price is a really good deal. If […]

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7 Secrets for Securing a Smart Mortgage

Posted by John P. Bradford // September 7, 2015

smart mortgage

Some try as hard as they can to get approved for a mortgage with no luck. Others have attractive offers of interest rates lower than what most realize is available. Then there is the vast majority of the population who is able to get approved, but with a less desirable rate. Don’t assume you will […]

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