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The latest trends in tapware design

Posted by John P. Bradford // April 30, 2015

Bathroom design has received a boom trend concerning tap-ware. The aspect that was often neglected in the overall bathroom style is now in the spotlight. There are several reasons for that, whether it is a new water-saving design or the latest piece of technology. Taps have become the center of bathrooms, and the overall design […]

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Why You Should Make a Larger Down Payment

Posted by John P. Bradford // April 28, 2015

down payment

Buying a new home can be as stressful as it is exciting. You have a lot of important decisions to make, one of which happens to be regarding the down payment. Do you really need to put all the money you have saved into your down payment? If you have been approved to put less […]

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Versatility of Storage Containers

Posted by John P. Bradford // April 23, 2015

If you think the function of large cargo containers boils down to mere shipping and transport purposes, you’re greatly mistaken: in the world where everything can be re-purposed and recycled, containers too have taken on some novel roles and are now often used as primary material in architecture and construction industry. Let’s take a quick look […]

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Northern Virginia Home Sellers: Be Wary of These Home Upgrades

Posted by John P. Bradford // April 21, 2015

home upgrades

Some renovation projects simply do not pay off like you might expect. So, if you have definite plans to sell your Northern Virginia home in the future or if you are renovating because you are already having a hard time selling then these home upgrades are ones you probably want to avoid, as they tend […]

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Going from Renters to Home Owners

Posted by John P. Bradford // April 14, 2015

home owners

There comes a time when it makes sense to go from renting your place to joining the ranks of home owners. Creating a budget is oftentimes the first place most renters begin when thinking about becoming home owners, but there are many other factors to consider. Listed below are Homes Re-Imagined’s “Things to Know” as you […]

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Tips for Northern Virginia Homebuyers

Posted by John P. Bradford // April 7, 2015

Northern Virginia HOMEBUYERS

Buying a new home in Northern Virginia is one of the biggest investments you can make. As there is a lot riding on the decision, you cannot afford any mistakes when making your choice. Before making a final decision, Northern  Virginia homebuyers need to consider several factors. To help in this new home process, here are Homes Re-Imagined’s […]

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