The latest trends in tapware design

The latest trends in tapware design

Bathroom design has received a boom trend concerning tap-ware. The aspect that was often neglected in the overall bathroom style is now in the spotlight. There are several reasons for that, whether it is a new water-saving design or the latest piece of technology. Taps have become the center of bathrooms, and the overall design should reflect this piece of bathroom asset.

Water-saving innovations

1The tap named Swirl by a student of Royal College art Simin Qiu, is all the rage in design. Though it is still a concept, the prototype is bound to surface anytime now. So what is so special about the Swirl design? The tap creates a lattice-like vortex by releasing water in two streams. The flow allows for 15% less water to be used. This design not only gives a mesmerizing water stream in order to save water, it also maintains the same water pressure. Additionally, the temperature of the water would be set in advance and the water stream would be faster than in regular tap-ware. What is also innovative is that you can turn it on and off with a single touch at the top.

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LED enhanced tapware

Another trend that should be given attention is the use of LED lights to achieve the futuristic style and a good example is the Hansa Canyon Mixer. If you plan to remodel your bathroom into a contemporary piece of art, do not forget to include LED tap-ware. This particular piece changes the color of the water between red, blue and violet based on the water temperature so it incorporates the play of light perfectly. Another property of this design is unavoidable touch button sensor control. Touch sensor technology seems to be a must in futuristic designs and saves time for turning your tap.

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Motion sensor tapware

3What beats touch sensor in bathroom tap-ware? Touch-less motion sensors. The market now has to offer the designs that make it easier for you to manage around the kitchen. Moen Motionsense design has offered the consumers a door into future. Also known as hands-free, automatic and electronic tap, this design reads the motions of hand gestures and allows you to access the water flow without even touching the tap. This convenient invention is appropriate for elderly and handicapped, but also for children to avoid spreading germs. The upper sensor reads the movement for activating the flow for filling up pots and washing dishes. To lower sensor is used for quick tasks such as washing your hands.

Black and white trends

5You may think that this is not anything new, but a complete matte black or white taps may surpass metallic taps in 2015. These colours are always in trend so you may want to consider them for your tapware as they are virtually timeless. This design is simple and is extremely useful for creating light and airiness. Alternatively, you can create contrast with a darker backdrop. The mirror opposite trend is matte black tap-ware. This color is as interesting as white if not more. The growing 2015 black tap-ware trend is mostly present in hotels, but you may want to consider them for your black and white design instead of metallic surfaces. What is more, 2015 kitchen trends say that black and white d├ęcor is desirable so this is where black and white tap-ware enter the picture because they are ideal for the all-embracing design.

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