Monthly Archives: February 2016

Child: Making a Special Nook for Your’s

Posted by John P. Bradford // February 25, 2016


When children are still young, they require a positive surrounding in which they can feel comfortable and relaxed, in order to develop properly. This is why parents should strive to secure their child with a special nook where they could learn, play and express themselves in the best possible way. A motivational environment can greatly […]

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How to Plan a Home Garage to Meet All Your Needs

Posted by John P. Bradford // February 23, 2016


Every day on your way to work you’re faced with the same scene. An intricate obstacle course with thin tracks and passages surrounded by random equipment and tightly squeezed car. Sounds like your garage? Then stay put and keep reading. You have wasted your energy long enough on constant relocation of items back and forth […]

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Cozy Decor: The True Meaning

Posted by John P. Bradford // February 16, 2016

cozy decor

Your home is where your heart is and there is no better way to decorate the interior of your house than with comfort and style in mind. A truly cozy home makes you feel at peace, warm, and is welcoming to you and your guests. But, how does one make this look possible? With a […]

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Introducing Your Home to Pools and Spas

Posted by John P. Bradford // February 11, 2016

Pools and Spas

Some people have that misfortune to view their yard as nothing but a nuisance. Once they look out the window, all they see is something to prune, clean, cut and mow. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Namely, by remodeling your outdoor just a bit, you can easily transform it into a favorite […]

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Go Vintage In Your House Decor

Posted by John P. Bradford // February 3, 2016

Vintage Decor

Give your room decor a face-lift with a collection of vintage finds. The trick to making this work is to maintain balanced theme styles. By keeping the number of styles that are used to a minimum, your guests will feel welcome rather than overwhelmed. At the day’s end, you will have a room that is […]

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