Cozy Decor: The True Meaning

Cozy Decor: The True Meaning

cozy decorYour home is where your heart is and there is no better way to decorate the interior of your house than with comfort and style in mind. A truly cozy home makes you feel at peace, warm, and is welcoming to you and your guests. But, how does one make this look possible? With a few helpful tips, achieving this look will be easier than you thought.

What Makes a Home Cozy?

When you think of comfort, what words pop into your head? Happiness, relaxed, and stress-free are just a few words that come to mind. Being comfortable is a state of physical ease and a feeling of freedom that alleviates any grief or stress. So, after coming home from a long day of work or errands, wouldn’t you want a comfy environment to come home to?  The process of turning your house into a place of tranquility you call home is really simple. Adding plants, an herb garden, and flowers to multiple spaces in your home will give it a more natural and fresh feel to it. To make your house feel more welcoming, introduce natural and organic materials that will add warmth to your home as well. Let’s get a little deeper and take it room by room.

Cozy Living Room

This is most likely the room you spend most of your time in, therefore, it is essential to make this room feel comfy, relaxed, and inviting. Adding an area rug is a great way to open up the room and bring its entire décor together. To give your home a more personalized touch, add curtains to your windows. This will add texture, style, and individuality to your living room.  A budget-friendly way to add some coziness to this space is to add a few throw pillows and a soft blanket to your existing furniture. Also, don’t forget about the walls. Mirrors, pictures of loved ones, artwork, colorful images, and shelves are all great additions to a plain background. The best advice is to add anything stylish to your walls that will express who you are while also giving you the feeling of comfort.

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Cozy Home cozy decorOffice

Although this room is a place where you take care of important business, that doesn’t mean it can’t be just as cozy as the rest of your home. As long as your main focus for the furniture, décor, and organization promotes efficiency and good working habits, you have no worries about making this space comfy.  The first step in redecorating your home office is getting the right desk to fit your needs. With helpful online websites, finding appropriate office desks is easier now more than ever. Also, it is wise to get a quality working chair to avoid discomfort or back pain. Organization is essential here as well, so make sure to toss out any clutter and keep everything in its place. Surrounding yourself with items that will encourage and inspire you to succeed is another brilliant way to make you feel more motivated when working from home.

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Cozy Bedroomcozy decor

With your bedroom being your own personal haven, this is where your creative juices should start to flow. From wall art to pillows, making this room feel comfortable is very important since you spend 8 or more hours a night here.  After a long trip away from home, isn’t sliding into your bed one of the best feelings ever? If not, it should be! Loving your room and its décor is all about making it a representation of you and what you like. You can add a rug, a multipurpose bookshelf, pine furniture, curtains, textured throw pillows and blankets, patterned textiles or wallpaper, candles, flowers; the options for decorating a comfy room are honestly endless.

Cozy Kitchencozy decor

The kitchen is perhaps one of the most important rooms in your home. You spend hours in this space entertaining guests and preparing meals, so it is crucial that this area is comfortable. No idea how to achieve a comfy kitchen look? No need to worry, it is quite simple.  The first step in creating a comfortable kitchen is by keeping it clean, organized, and free of any untidiness. Bring life into your kitchen by adding a fresh herb garden and flowers. Keep a bowl of fruit on your kitchen table to motivate you and everyone else in your house to choose healthier snack options. If you are going for a full makeover, make sure to take your time in researching a theme and choose warm colors for the walls to brighten this area up.

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Last but not least, nothing makes a home feel cozier than freshly cooked meals and baked snacks. Encourage yourself to get in that kitchen, experiment with fresh ingredients, and try new recipes! Even if you weren’t a big fan of cooking before, you will be once you feel like your kitchen is a part of you.

Coming home to a cozy house is one of the best feelings. With these helpful tips, you’ll be closer to a cozier home in no time!

Written exclusively for Homes Re-Imagined, LLC by Derek Lotts

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