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Maximizing Your Small Space

Posted by John P. Bradford // March 31, 2015

small space

If you’re stuck with a small space, trying to optimize the potential can be difficult. Using these simple tricks will help your room feel larger, without changing the actual square footage. 1. Minimal Pieces, Larger Size Many people feel they have to use more smaller pieces to make a room feel bigger, when in truth, you’re […]

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Get Your Garage In Shape Today!

Posted by John P. Bradford // March 24, 2015


In most homes, the most overlooked area is oftentimes the garage. Part storage, part work area, part parking space, it is easy for the garage to become a disorganized catch all. Thankfully we can fix this! Below are our tips for how to turn a messy garage into an organized part of your home. Spring […]

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Tips for Shaving Years Off of Your Mortgage

Posted by John P. Bradford // March 17, 2015


A new home means a choice between the higher monthly payment (but shorter interest time) 15-year mortgage and the lower monthly payment (but longer accrued interest time) 30-year mortgage. Since most home buyers opt for the lower monthly payment, the 30-year mortgage tends to be the default choice when applying for a mortgage. However, those […]

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Renovating? Check Out These Home DIY Apps First

Posted by John P. Bradford // March 10, 2015

10 Great Home DIY Apps Technology today allows every person to become an interior designer with just the click of a button. Apps are available to help you decide what color to paint your room, or the best place to put the couch. Below is a list of ten home DIY apps to help bring […]

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Is Your Online Listing Strong Enough?

Posted by John P. Bradford // March 3, 2015

Supercharge Your Online Listing Traditionally, listing your home for sale was limited to a short paragraph that companies used to gather information for their clients. Today, since information is so easily accessible, buyers are starting the research themselves, forcing sellers to really step up their online listing. If you are looking for ways to improve […]

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