Get Your Garage In Shape Today!

Get Your Garage In Shape Today!

GARAGEIn most homes, the most overlooked area is oftentimes the garage. Part storage, part work area, part parking space, it is easy for the garage to become a disorganized catch all. Thankfully we can fix this! Below are our tips for how to turn a messy garage into an organized part of your home.

Spring Clean

The easiest place to start is by getting rid of anything that is in your garage but is no longer used. Clean it out, throw away or donate what you can and get yourself ready to start organizing.

Like with Like

Once you have consolidated what belongs in the garage, the next step is to begin matching up the likes with likes; in other words, organize your garage’s contents so that your tools are with tools, garden items with garden items, sports goods with sports goods, etc.

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Be Clear

Now that your items are grouped together, begin placing into containers. Using clear plastic containers with lids will help ensure that you are able to see what is inside. If you decide to use non-clear bins, just make sure that you label them so as to be able to find what you need when you are looking for it. Lastly, your bins should be stackable as this also makes the organizing much easier and much more visually appealing.

Be Strategic

Now that everything is boxed up put some thought into how best to arrange and position. Items that you use frequently should be placed so as to be quickly and easily accessible. Meanwhile seasonal items can be placed in more “harder-to-reach” areas of the garage.

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Using Wall Space

Depending on your storage area, needs, budget and preferences there are a number of ways to incorporate your wall space into your organization. Look into one or different combinations of pegboards, open shelving, cabinets, or panelized systems to efficiently organize your garage’s walls.

Up High

For out of the way storage space, just look up! Hanging up items like ladders from your garage’s ceiling can be an efficient use of space. Just be sure to organize in a way that ensures your garage door is not interfered with.

Be Safe

Make sure that any fertilizers or pesticides are stored out of reach, especially if you have children or pets around. And when it comes to gasoline and propane, it is not safe to keep in the garage.

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Stop neglecting your garage today! Organizing is as simple as getting rid of what you do not use, grouping similar items together, storing in clear, stackable containers and being strategic with using all of the garage space – including the walls and ceiling!

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