Monthly Archives: December 2015

Designing a Contemporary Garden with Warmth

Posted by John P. Bradford // December 29, 2015

Plants in Contemporary Garden Design

The sleek and unadorned materials, clean cut lines and space-age style of contemporary gardens can easily slip into the extreme, creating an uninviting and cold environment. Although the minimalist approach is the essence of modern landscaping, you can still add warmth to contemporary gardens. Some texture and colours, and a few personal touches, will turn […]

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How to Inspect Plumbing Prior to Buying a Home

Posted by John P. Bradford // December 22, 2015

plumbing inspection

Every reasonable buyer inspects at least several things before making a down payment on a house. Superficial things are something that everyone checks in detail. However, if you really wish to know what state your potential future house really is, you have to scratch the surface. Electric and heating installations and insulation need to be […]

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