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5 Don’ts for Home Sellers

Posted by John P. Bradford // July 27, 2015

home sellers

You think your home is pretty amazing and assume it is going to sell quickly. Then, it just sits on the market waiting patiently for someone to give it a second glance. You have even had several open houses. The bids just are not rolling in like you expected. So, where did you go wrong? […]

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House Remodeling Ideas for a Modern Look

Posted by John P. Bradford // July 24, 2015

Home Remodeling

Though us humans are deep down creatures of habit, a dash of novelty and sparkle here and there makes life brighter, better and a tad more bearable. Well, we have great news for home owners looking to add some glamour, style and freshness to their homes: there is a simple yet highly efficient way to […]

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Keeping Your Garden Neat And Tidy

Posted by John P. Bradford // July 22, 2015

Keeping Your Garden Neat And Tidy

No matter if you have only recently started growing a garden or if you are experienced but never seem to have every leaf as you want it to stand, there are some gardening essentials you should get acquainted with. In order to have your garden as green as possible during every season of the year, […]

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6 Tips to Getting Your Your Home’s Listing Price Right

Posted by John P. Bradford // July 20, 2015

home's listing price

6 Tips to Getting Your Your Home’s Listing Price Right If pricing a home was effortless then everyone would enjoy a quick, smooth, and painless selling experience. Pricing in a hurry without much thought will likely leave you full of regret. Getting your home’s listing price right from the start is a little work, but […]

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Tips to Help Sell Home Fast

Posted by John P. Bradford // July 13, 2015

sell home fast

Not all of today’s buyers are looking for in-ground pools and dramatic room conversions. They are looking for a house that instantly makes them feel like they are home. Using some of these staging tips and tricks below can help sell your home faster than you thought was possible. 1. Chalkboard on the Porch – […]

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Are You Thinking About Refinancing Your Home?

Posted by John P. Bradford // July 6, 2015

refinancing your home

Sometimes, refinancing your home makes perfect sense, especially if interest rates are considerably lower now than when you bought your home. However, there are also times when refinancing your home is not a good solution. So, how are you supposed to decide which option is best for you? This guide will help with your decision. […]

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Affordable Ways to Enliven Your Backyard

Posted by John P. Bradford // July 3, 2015


One of the perks of living in a house instead of in an apartment is having your very own backyard. A backyard should be a peaceful oasis providing you with the much needed rest and spend time with friends and family. As all good things, this doesn’t come on a silver plate; you have to […]

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Tips for Choosing Doors and Windows for your Upcoming Remodeling Project

Posted by John P. Bradford // July 1, 2015

Doors and Windows

Although you cannot “see” them, windows are an essential element of every home. They connect the interior with the outdoors and are an ultimate source of daylight. Not unlike doors, they also have a decorative and safety component, so it helps to consider the type, material and the security level of windows and doors when […]

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