House Remodeling Ideas for a Modern Look

House Remodeling Ideas for a Modern Look

Home RemodelingThough us humans are deep down creatures of habit, a dash of novelty and sparkle here and there makes life brighter, better and a tad more bearable. Well, we have great news for home owners looking to add some glamour, style and freshness to their homes: there is a simple yet highly efficient way to achieve a stress-free modern decor even without extensive overhaul projects and large-scale refurbishing investments. Here, we bring you top-of-the-crop advice on how to remodel your house and make it look like a designer piece off the magazine covers in a matter of weeks.

Industrial modern design: The new classic

For an industrial modern flare in your home, you don’t need lavish furniture and flashy accessories. In fact, industrial modern is pretty minimalistic in style, with an open floor layout, hardwood flooring, bare brick walls and metal window framing. Characterized by a bare-bones feel, industrial modern homes are dominated by brick, metal and glass components which are rather affordable compared to more elaborate interior designs. For maximum savings, pick furnishing pieces like glass tables with metal rims, wing chairs, chandeliers and wooden stools at a resale or second-hand furniture shop to get a perfect mix-match industrial look.

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Mid-century modern: Comfort in ‘60s styleHome Remodeling

A carefully decorated home steeped in the mid-century style is ttypically characterized by window walls for ample natural light, exposed beams, nostalgia-inspiring fireplace made from cement and lots of clean lines throughout the house. For best effects, pick muted or solid tones like brown, grey and dark green, although accents in red, orange and lavender could prove an interesting and visually appealing contrast. To achieve the true mid-century look, eliminate needles items and decorative accessories and throw in natural elements instead, like potted plants, wooden tables and upholstered furniture with modern patterns.

Modern yet alive: Minimalism with a dash of luxury

To achieve a lived-in yet sleek modern style, pick white wall paint and lots of wooden details like door frames, tables and benches. If dire minimalism is not your thing, you can include ornamental architectural elements like a fireplace or exposed columns. To get a crisp and clean yet cozy feel, you can supplement your live-in modern décor with a handful of throw blankets, chest case and antique rugs and carpets. For playful touches that won’t make your home look messy, add some imaginative wall art like a panel with photos and colorful postcards to whitewashed walls. Also, when designing for a lived-in modern look, strive to achieve a balance between the old and the new, bright and simplistic and clean and comfy.

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Minimalism at its best: Purpose over looks

If you dislike overly decorated homes with tons of visual distractions dispersed around the rooms, try minimalism for size. Characterized by clean, slender lines, absence of needless clutter and details and commitment to functionality over visual impressions, minimalistic style is simple to achieve and easy to maintain, which is perhaps one of the reasons behind its immense popularity nowadays.

A simple combination of necessary furniture like large beds, a sleek glass-and-metal table and stainless steel-cHome Remodelingolored kitchen elements will render a unique studio-like feel to your home and create a functional yet stylish living space without the need to hire high-end interior designer teams, décor experts and professional carpenters.

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Loved for its crisp, sleek lines, lack of needless mess and clutter and clean yet snug feel, modern décor comes in a range of packages and tones. Among these, the mod styles listed above are the most prominent and popular decors which can easily and cost-efficiently be achieved in almost any home with just a dash of care, taste and cash, so don’t hesitate before you launch a home remodeling project: after all, life’s too short to live in a dull house, wouldn’t you agree?

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