Keeping Your Garden Neat And Tidy

Keeping Your Garden Neat And Tidy

Keeping Your Garden Neat And TidyNo matter if you have only recently started growing a garden or if you are experienced but never seem to have every leaf as you want it to stand, there are some gardening essentials you should get acquainted with. In order to have your garden as green as possible during every season of the year, here are some basic rules you should follow.

Trim a bit

There is no need you prune your plants every week, but it will not hurt if you did it occasionally in order to prevent them from growing wildly and making you fight them every season. You can also give them a trim from time to time, that is to nip off the tips of new growth and not deal with piles of green waste. And what is best about trimming is that you do not need to rake like after pruning, because this kind of waste will turn into mulch and you do not have to clean it from the ground.

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Deal with weed

During the growing season, your biggest problem will probably be the weed. And it will grow constantly. The best way to fight weed is to pull it out because weed killer chemicals can also damage your plants and you do not want that in your garden. What you can also do to prevent weed from overtaking your lawn is to use a hoe and dig around the plants, but do it carefully so as to not damage them. Also, if you do not want weed to appear in your garden, the chances are that it will not grow where there are many plants, so you can throw some vegetable seeds on bare patches of soil and enjoy their fruit in a weed-free garden.

Keeping Your Garden Neat And Tidy, perfectly trimmed

Mulch all the way

If you prefer low-maintenance garden than spending all day in it, then use the benefits of mulch. This landscaping her will help your plants after planting them in the best way you could ever imagine – it will prevent soil from drying out fast and, additionally, hinder weed growth. Hitting two birds with one stone! Mulch is also a great insulator – it keeps the soil cool in the summer and warms it up during the winter, so mulch your plants all the way and hear your plants saying “Thank you!” every season.

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Clean the drains

Every garden demands a good irrigation system. If you thought that just adding a bit of water every once in a while will do, well – it won’t. Your irrigation system needs to be cleaned at least twice a year because there is a lot of dirt that stays in the pipes and hoses. Since your plants need only quality water, you should also clean the drips or spray outlets on your sprayer pumps and clean them, as well as the flush line and the filter.

Keeping Your Garden Neat And Tidy, cute shrubs

Stunning lawn

And last, but not the least, piece of advice. If you want your lawn to be perfect, you have to mow it often. Depending on the size, it will probably take you a couple of hours or less, so you will probably have enough time on Saturday morning. A good lawn is a high lawn, because it will become healthier and denser if you cut only the blade tips. Additionally, you will not have to rake it afterwards. Just let the cut-offs become the organic matter on your lawn. And here is an extra tip: make sure to check if your mower blades are sharp enough so that they can cut cleanly. Blunt blades will cause discoloration of your lawn, so make sure to have them sharpened regularly.

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