Smart Strategies for Promoting a Realtor Business

Smart Strategies for Promoting a Realtor Business

Realtor BusinessWith the real estate market constantly growing, and the demand for both private and commercial properties becoming more specific, it is very important to stay ahead of the curve and have a solid marketing campaign. The growth of the online community has included many new factors and benefits into the game. However, this doesn’t mean that we should ignore the traditional methods which proved to be efficient many times before. Here is how to marry the two marketing worlds successfully, and establish a firm presence in the real estate market.

Work with Local Public Relations Firm

There are so many things we cannot know about marketing and public relations. Luckily, there are trained professionals that can take care of those things for you. For example, a local PR firm can help you become more present in the community. They can work with local newspapers to place ads and write articles about your business, or organize sponsorships of local events. An experienced company will manage to scale your marketing efforts so that they work for your budget.

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Eye-Catching Business Cards

With the rise of the digital age, business cards may seem as a thing of yesterday, but that is far from true. They still represent professionalism that fits one one’s palm. Just remember the famous “business card scene” from the American Psycho (2000), where a couple of stockbrokers compare their cards. They see significance in the tiniest details, such as the shade of white (egg shell, bone, pale nimbus, etc.), we would never notice.

Give Promotional Products

Another oldie-but-goldie marketing strategy is giving promotional products to your clients. Besides generating gratitude and excitement, as gifts usually do, promotional products serve as a moving commercial. Somebody who wears/carries something with the name of your business will surely catch the eye of the observers, and make them remember your name. For a realtor business, you can opt for custom branded T-shirts, flash drivers, notepads, folders, etc.

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Establish Strong Digital Presence

A solid website is the foundation for all of your online marketing efforts. However, simply having a website isn’t enough. You have to make it the best it can be by optimizing it for mobile devices and maintaining an active blog, where you will be able to position yourself as authority. You should also constantly update company news, create videos, offer a newsletter option, have an effective SEO strategy and constantly track your results.

Be Active Online

You can be present and just “stand there” or you can get moving and drive traffic to your website. The realtor marketing trends for 2016 are emphasizing the importance of company newsletters as an efficient form of communication with customers. Furthermore, being active on social media can make or break your business, but you shouldn’t be present only on Facebook and Twitter.

It is especially important to be active on LinkedIn to connect with other professionals from your branch. Targeted Google advertisements have also proven to be very useful for this industry, since you can showcase your services in specific locations in search results and target your most likely prospects. Some other useful tactics are allowing guest content, launching a video marketing campaign, and creating and sharing quality content.

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Realtor Business

Networking as the Ultimate Strategy

In the business world, networking is highly valued strategy of meting people from both your field of work and other branches that can complement your business. LinkedIn is a very useful platform, but it can’t compare to the real-deal networking. If you want to build a network of people who will be able to help you to be more successful, you will have to mingle on meet-ups and professional events.

In the end, the easiest way to promote your business is to be good at what you do. That way you will encourage positive word-of-mouth which is the most effective and the most affordable marketing strategy there is.

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