Give your hallway the attention it deserves

Give your hallway the attention it deserves

hallway decorThe most frequent scenario when it comes to renovation of the interior of our homes is that hallways are the last space in line. And, when their turn finally comes, the renovation budget has already been almost entirely spent, all that was left is enough for basic repainting of the walls and perhaps some refreshment of the furniture, if there was any in the first place. This approach is terribly wrong. The hallway is the first thing that is seen upon entering the house and this first impression is what lingers the most. Therefore, it was high time this changed and you gave your hallway proper attention.


As with any room, everything starts with a properly chosen color. Since the majority of hallways are narrow and of moderate size, using light and neutral colors makes them look bigger. Patterns and even drawings on the walls would make them look more dynamic and original, if you have interesting implementable ideas do go for them. On the other hand, if you are blessed with having a large hallway, you can allow yourself to play with color contrasts to emphasize certain areas and enhance dynamics.

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Getting the most of natural light is what significantly improves the appearance of a hallway. Dark hallways have no place in warm family homes, period. If you have no windows, consider a door with as much glass as possible. Of course, if natural light does not suffice, carefully chosen lighting makes a world of difference. Dimmable ceiling fixture gives you the opportunity to control the amount of light at any moment of day and night and proved to be very useful. Wall fixtures are also nice in creating a proper atmosphere, especially if you have artworks displayed.

Floorhallway design

Since you opted for neutral paint, floor is a place where you can add dynamics and engage in delicate and subtle interplay with your lighting solutions. Various ornament patterns and elegant and simple Flatweave Runner Rugs are a far better choice, plus they will add touch of warmth, which sends additional message upon entering your home. Naturally, keeping them impeccably clean is a must in achieving the desired effect.

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Less is more here; your hallway needs to be as decluttered as possible. Remember, you need to emphasize its dimensions, not narrow it. An interesting shoe box and additional small hallway cupboard will suffice. They are also a feature where you can play with contrasting colors and different patterns to improve dynamics.


Plants are also more than welcomed and will enrich the space. Make sure you blend the vases and pots you keep them in with your wall color, rug and furniture patterns if you have them. Also, vivid colored plants, especially flowers are a great means to liven up the place and break the sterility that may appear if you choose too neutral wall and furniture color combination.

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Exhibit artwork

Discrete artwork displayed can make a dramatic change to the overall outlook of your hallwhallway artworkay. Once again, be careful when making your choice, especially with frame color and style, the entire hallway needs to have a compact atmosphere and function as a whole. As was mentioned before, you can place fixed dimmable lights above them and play with shades and luminosity.

As you can see, there are a lot of details you need to pay attention too. However, all the work will surely pay of and your house will shine a different light when you give your hallway the dedication it deserves.

Written By Derek Lotts

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