Renovating? Check Out These Home DIY Apps First

Renovating? Check Out These Home DIY Apps First

10 Great Home DIY Apps

Technology today allows every person to become an interior designer with just the click of a button. Apps are available to help you decide what color to paint your room, or the best place to put the couch.

Below is a list of ten home DIY apps to help bring your projects from an idea to a finished look.

Free Apps

  1. Houzz (iPhone, iPad, Android)

This is a great app if you are looking to completely redecorate an entire room. You can browse through millions of photographs to help you draw inspiration. Pictures can be filtered by type of room or style preference. In addition, you can research and compare colors between different brands of paint. You are able to save favorite designs onto an online board for future reference.

  1. RoomScan (iPhone)
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By simply taking a few pictures of your room, this app can help determine approximate dimensions, and can be used on more than just rectangular rooms.

  1. RoomHints (iPhone)

Take a snapshot of the room, and allow design professionals to give you their opinion on what would look best. You can even purchase recommended furniture pieces directly through the app.

  1. SnapShop (iPhone, iPad)

Add furniture to a room without lifting a finger. You can browse through furniture selections from a variety of brand name stores, including IKEA and Crate & Barrel, to see what would fit in the space.

  1. nousDECOR (iPhone, iPad)

Take a picture of a decorative piece, upload to the program, and it will find it for you! It will also show you similar items at varying prices and where to buy it.

  1. HomeStyler (iPhone, iPad)
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Completely redecorate a room from top to bottom on this app before knocking down any walls. Once you finished designing your room, the app will match you with a local design expert to help see your project come to life.

  1. Paint My Place (iPhone, iPad)

Try on new paint colors before buying them! This app allows you to paint the walls any color before making a final decision.

Paid Apps

  1. Mark On Call (iPhone, iPad) – $5

Completely remodel a room from floor to ceiling with this app. You are able to change the flooring, structural features, and appliances. Not only that, but you can upload a picture of a fabric and it will automatically scale the print to fit the scale of your room.

  1. myPANTONE (iPhone, Android) – $7.99-$9.99
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If you’re looking to change the color palette of your entire home, this app is for you. You can choose from the thousands of available colors and create your own color palette. It also allows you to upload a color, and the app will try to match the color as close as possible.

  1. iScape (iPhone, iPad) – $9.99

Create the yard you always wanted with this app! The app iScape has you upload a picture of your yard, and then allows you to add whatever new landscape you wish, ranging from trees to a patio to mulch. This app is great for figuring out how much material you will need for the project.


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