How to Plan a Home Garage to Meet All Your Needs

How to Plan a Home Garage to Meet All Your Needs

GarageEvery day on your way to work you’re faced with the same scene. An intricate obstacle course with thin tracks and passages surrounded by random equipment and tightly squeezed car. Sounds like your garage? Then stay put and keep reading.

You have wasted your energy long enough on constant relocation of items back and forth around the garage or temporarily housing them elsewhere. It is high time you consider constructing a garage to perfectly suit your needs, with plenty of usable space to manipulate with. We present to you a selection of tips and trick to have in mind if you’re interested in finally expanding the storage space for all your vehicles and tools.

Small adjustments for your garageGarage

If you’re one of the lucky ones who own a bunch of cars and an array of other machines, you should definitely contemplate constructing a garage from scratch to accommodate your belongings. In the case of modest owners like myself who have two cars tops, your space only requires smaller modifications.

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What you basically need is that little room to allow you to pace the garage with ease and some for the gear set, and extra parts or old discarded objects too. The actual works would comprise of standard expansion of the garage and potential repositioning of the roof to a higher level. The prescribed measurements are 10x8m. The result would comfortably provide you with the necessary extension.

The ideal height for your garage

A growth in the upward direction is mostly a storage-related demand of garage rebuilding. If you’re blessed with a tall-enough walls, you already possess a great potential and advantage for creation of spare room. There you would be able to move all the out-of-use objects from the house and some seasonal items, such as lights and decoration.

A friend who recently purchased a trailer asked for professional tips on how to overcome the challenges of height in storage matters and how to handle it on your own. So if you, say, started visiting truck auctions  and have your mind set on getting one, make sure you get precise information about the right heights of your garage.

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Lastly, if you have been storing some things in the attic for some time you can now safely move it. A moist and humidity free environment will prevent possible deterioration in the future.

Selecting the right doors and windows for your garageGarage

The offer of garage doors at your disposal is vast and it includes sliders, roll-ups, and the ones that swing up or out among others. The most popular, and to my opinion, the most convenient choice is the remote control operating kind, that moves up/down at the push of a button. The beauty of this type is that you can wield it from the comfort of your car seat. A pair of side-doors can be a useful passage when you’re not parking your way in.

Regarding the windows, the regular ones allow excessive amount of light inside, and also create a show for the prying neighbourly eyes. Avoiding the placement of side windows provides additional security from breaking-in. An alternative to this is installation of weather-proof skylight.

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If after all of the suggested tips you still need more space, attic room truss is worth considering in your case. It does not only make an excellent solution for the additional storage, but also shelters your belongings from summer and winter weather alike. Its cave-like structure with powerful measurements will put an end to your storage problems for a lengthy period. Pay a visit to your local lumber yard to get fully acquainted with its appearance and characteristics.

Once you finish the last piece of work on your reorganised garage, you’ll be finally spared of storage space parkour. Finding your way to the desired equipment item and moving about will be a breeze.

Written Exclusively By Lillian Connors for Homes Re-Imagined, LLC

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