Tips On Improving Weak Points In Home Security

Tips On Improving Weak Points In Home Security

Home SecurityUnlike slipping on a banana peel, I think there isn’t a person in the urban world who hasn’t had anything stolen from them. Cash, laptops, instruments, jewelry, handbags, cameras, wallets, watches… you name it. Man has been pilfering things long before he even started harnessing fire. So since we don’t know what could fetch a decent price to a thief, let’s face it, it’s healthier to be a tad paranoid when it comes to protecting you property and possessions than to disregard the possibility of being robbed at all. Better safe than sorry, right? That’s what everyone always says. Now, where else should you start at but your own nest. Home security is something that everyone should be concerned about, considering the fact that every home has its weaknesses which any seasoned burglar could exploit. Improving those weak points is paramount, so here are some recommendations on enhancing your security measures as well as information on what you should keep your eye on:


Always check your surroundings, first and foremost. How does your neighborhood look like, where is the road from your residence, does it have street lights, unlit areas, do you have a big yard, a tree house built close to a window, cellar/attic windows, etc.?  You have to know what could be a potential flaw in your environment, because that’s the burglar’s gateway to your belongings. Doors are not the only entrance to your house, even though it’s surprising how, statistically speaking, the front door is the most common thieving solution during broad daylight.

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Tech-security additions

There are many tools which you can use to protect your four walls. Locks and dogs aside, machines are our eyes and ears now. An alarm security system is always helpful when unwanted trespassers loom in your premises, securing everything you own especially when there is no one at home. A wireless technology connected to your police department 24/7 and all you have to do is install it and turn it on. Motion detectors too, serve this purpose when you want something of great value protected. Of course, let’s not forget security cameras, since they hold a special role in improving those weaknesses, because even if the robbing deed is done, you can always use video footage to detect the perpetrator(s) and use it as proof if the law requires.

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Home reinforcements

home securityThere are many ways you can secure your home without the use of sensor technology, too. What’s important is to take into account all the pros and cons of such security measures. Fencing may keep the burglars away, but it doesn’t help you see the passers-by. You can also install a front/back door that opens outward, preventing the robbers from kicking it in, but do not forget to have a peephole in it because poor vision is a terrible vulnerability. The material of your doors and windows can also determine if your house is impregnable, or not. Options are plentiful, it’s all about eliminating those flaws.

Piece of advice

During this modern time, everything we do, see, have… it’s all on the Internet, so be careful what you put out there, because if someone unwanted finds out that you, for instance, are publicly going away on a vacation trip, try not to leave your place unattended and unsecured. Make sure not to stash your keys under a doormat, or on a door frame, or anywhere similar for that matter. A trustworthy neighbor is far better at keeping your keys, than to leave them somewhere obvious thinking that they’re hidden. Also, night brings many guests, so help yourself by checking regularly if all the lights are working properly, especially the ones on the outside and when you go out in the evening, believe me, always leave a light on… just in case.

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In short, securing a home is not a difficult endeavor. It may cost a little money, but with the right choices and tools, like alarm systems, a decent security camera, reinforced front doors, sturdy locks, adapted interior, also friendly neighbors and a bit of preventive knowledge – it goes a long way, keeps your mind at ease. So stay relaxed and keep a watchful eye!

Written by John Stone

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