Northern Virginia Home Sellers: Be Wary of These Home Upgrades

Northern Virginia Home Sellers: Be Wary of These Home Upgrades

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Some renovation projects simply do not pay off like you might expect. So, if you have definite plans to sell your Northern Virginia home in the future or if you are renovating because you are already having a hard time selling then these home upgrades are ones you probably want to avoid, as they tend to not payoff like you would hope.

1. Daring Design Decisions

Not everyone is as bold as you. So, although a ceiling mural, lime green counters, and purple carpet may make your home unique these things likely will not attract buyers. Folks should be able to imagine their belongings in your home, which is a lot easier to do with a timeless, neutral palette and classic designs.

2. Swimming Pools

You may be surprised to learn that swimming pools rarely increase the value of a home these days. If you have dreamed of a pool then get one, but don’t expect to recoup the pool price, installation fees, and maintenance costs, when it comes time to sell.

3. Sports Courts

It will take a very specific buyer to actually want a tennis or basketball court. Some buyers won’t mind having one, but they definitely won’t want to pay extra just for this feature.

4. Wall-to-wall Carpeting

Adding carpet because you need it is one thing, but adding in hopes of a higher selling price will lead to disappointment. Buyers may plan on carpeting with a specific color or perhaps they intend on removing it all anyway to add hardwood or bamboo flooring.

5. Knocking Down Walls

Room conversions can really work against you. If you have a three-bedroom home, but knock out a wall to combine two rooms, you eliminate buyers looking for three-bedroom homes. Make sure you consider the consequences of your room conversion before you do it.

6. Elaborate Landscaping

Anyone can appreciate the visual display of elaborate flower gardens and ponds, but a buyer may look at this as a huge hassle. If they don’t have the time or desire to keep the landscaping maintained it will become a headache and an eyesore pretty fast. Sure, they could hire a landscaper, but an additional bill may not be feasible in their budget.

7. New Windows

Quality windows can be costly. Plus, you have installation fees. You are rarely going to recoup this money. That being said, if your old windows are getting in the way of sales then replacements may be necessary.

You may think you are going to live in your home forever, but you never know what curve balls life will throw your way. Do make your house a home with upgrades you love, but understand that some home upgrades are not going to see a return on investment when it comes time to sell.

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