Decor Trend Report: The Basics of Industrial Design

Decor Trend Report: The Basics of Industrial Design

Decor TrendsPeople often wonder what the industrial design really is. There are many different interpretations of it, but a general statement says that it is a trendy style implementing that industrial and natural look into your house, office or any other living space. This style is usually associated with those large spaces with high ceilings, strong light and exposed elements. If you are among those who lack this style in their homes, this article could be the thing you have been waiting for. It is never too late to upgrade and create that industrial look, and with these tips, you can easily do it on your own. Let us get started.Industrial Design

Start with the lightings

If you want to shake your modern decoration a bit, one of the things you can do is add a few table lamps or industrial pendants. These hanging antiquities are totally trendy today, and are easily blended in with almost any decoration. These can be bought in neutral tones or rich in color, depending on your liking. Whether it’s the wooden color or the metal ones, they will both fit in great with your décor. Once you have these set, your industrial look is just around the corner.

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Move on to the walls

This trendy style usually brings with it those extra rough brick wallsIndustrial Design. If your walls are modern, you can easily adapt them to the style. One way of doing it is to bring the exterior wall cladding style inside to give your interior that extra roughness. This will give them that amazing look, and your room will definitely take shape of a proper industrial room. Also, keep in mind that the bricks can be used in the natural tone to give them place that genuine effect, or can be painted into a wanted color.

Materials and colors

Industrial design is usually represented with cold colors. The most efficient solutions is to start with cement or wood for your flooring. Cement will make it resemble the factory area, while wood will grant the feeling of something antique. Adding extra items in bold colors, such as chairs, pendants, pillows or some furniture pieces, can give the room with the more neutral aura. Combine metal with glass and cement, and you will create an industrial design which is a modern combination of the roughness of the cement and the suavity of glass. If your space is super small, try adding some light colors to both floor and the walls in order to gain that feeling of living in a larger space.

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Give your own touch to it

Probably the best thiIndustrial Designng about industrial design is the ability to set your imagination free, and do whatever you want with the décor and designs. So we are talking vintage posters, mirrors, arts, old plates, antique lamps and TVs, telephones, and everything else that represents. One way of doing this is also recycling your antique furniture. Repaint that old wooden table or console, and place it in the living room; take that old telephone and hang it on the wall. There have been reports of people using car wheels as a living room décor. Whatever comes to your mind, feel free to do it, as long as it remains within the boundaries of the industrial design.

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All of the above mentioned are ways in which you can achieve that modern industrial look in no time. Make sure that what you want is final, and once you set your course towards the task, your imagination and these tips will guide you towards achieving the trendy décor on which everyone will envy you.

Exclusively written for Homes Re-Imagined, LLC by Derek Lotts

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