What is trendy outdoor remodeling and decor for 2015?

What is trendy outdoor remodeling and decor for 2015?

Outdoor Remodeling and decorHaving an outdoor area within a house property brings the privilege of spending amusing outside moments just a few steps from indoor environment.  While those times, when traditional backyard’s purpose was related only to occasional family gatherings within classical patio, slowly remain in the past, improved design and contemporary equipment of outdoor areas got increased importance in today’s remodeling trends. This means that house owners can now reach exceptional solutions for turning their outdoor space into multipurpose, highly comfortable and modern living areas. Here are some of the main outdoor remodeling and decor trends for 2015.

Remodeling/renovation trends

Outdoor Remodeling and decorWith an aim to bring external spaces closer to highly functional living environments, architectural experts claim that easily maintained but greatly comfortable backyard facilities stay as one of the prime renovation trends. Since there has been high demand for outdoors that carry the sense of real living space tucked next to the indoor premises, open floor plans and extended balconies are recently becoming very popular. Besides, innovative design concepts refer to crucial connection between indoor and outdoor surrounding, which is why open walls and ground terraces serve as perfect inter-spaces. However, trendy outdoor renovations should include the combination of easy accessible seating places, dining and cooking surroundings along with modern illumination and amusement amenities. Because of that, outdoors now should have stylish summerhouses, garden pavilions and roofed sections, enriched with authentic fireplaces or embedded grill systems supported with functional kitchen facilities. While interestingly designed pavements and decking are going to replace monotonous outdoor flooring, adapted pools, fountains and garden spas will be leading entertaining areas within backyards.

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Furniture and decor trends

Patio furniture designers are now suggesting various contemporary styles, from minimalist and vintage to rustic and advanced classics, but the core idea is outdoor furnishing that allows cohesion, flexible usage and modernity. Contemporary designer timber furniture can be paired with whole-colored soft coverings and cushions to provide leisurely atmosphere, and that is the perfect option for open plans and roofed outdoor areas surrounded with concrete surfaces. Garden chairs and tables made of wrought iron are good match for uncovered backyard areas, while steel and wooden bar stools present must have furniture within outdoor dining areas that include lifted bars and fire-pits. Since predicted trends accentuate the implementation of indoor furniture types in outside area, chairs, sofas and footstools based on the combination of wood and leather as well as ceramic coffee tables, daybeds and sideboards are essential within modern patios. When it comes to decorative colors and patterns, blue and green nuances along with mixture of vivid and neutral shades will be trending now. Additionally, nature motifs and floral textile prints are more than welcome in outdoor decor. Outdoor decor cannot go without cosy cushions, table lamps and rich chandeliers, decorative sculptures, vessels and impressive garden rugs.

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Outdoor Remodeling and decorDramatic, but natural landscaping is trend that now should be applied within backyards. One of the newest trends is edible gardening. It sounds just like it should. Impressive garden reefs made from natural stones and rustic tiled pathways are excellent contrast to outdoor greenery. Nicely shaped lush shrubbery and decorative green fences are desirable in backyards more than ever, while wooden and clay pottery fulfilled with fluorescent flowers makes great hit if placed next to seating area, within secluded lawns and rocky parts. Movable mini gardens and framed meadows are ultimate landscaping options, which create ideal scenery when set beside timber or stone garden areas. Natural water surfaces lately became unavoidable within contemporary patios, and they can include anything from small lakes and ponds to miniature garden waterfalls and fountains. It is important for these areas to have authentic and natural design, where great results can be achieved if they are surrounded with pebbles, sand and greenery, but creative ideas such as small timber bridges and handmade stone sculptures are more than effective.

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