Step by Step, Room by Room towards an Organized Home

Step by Step, Room by Room towards an Organized Home

organized homeKeeping your home organised isn’t the same as keeping it clean. Even if sorted out, clutter is still clutter. This means that even if you stack old magazines neatly, it’s still a pile of unnecessary items that creates an atmosphere of disarray. Therefore, should you decide to take a step towards having an organised home, you can follow some of these suggestions for room-by-room makeovers.


organized homeCooking is much easier in a kitchen that isn’t crowded with appliances that you rarely use or where utensils aren’t mixed up in the same drawer. You should start by removing all appliances that are broken so that they wouldn’t get in your way. If there are appliances that you use regularly, for example, a coffee maker or blender, place them somewhere where you can easily reach them. When it comes to organizing utensils, you should use drawer dividers or plastic containers to keep them separated for an easy access.

organized homeAnother area in the kitchen that has to be organised is the refrigerator. Firstly, throw away foods that have expired, and then move on to cleaning the fridge. Afterwards, you can group food of the same category, for example, vegetables, dairy products, etc. Finally, the fridge exterior is as important as its interior, which means that you shouldn’t put postcards, reminders, or notes on it. Instead, opt for a clipboard which you’ll use for such purposes.

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organized homeYou probably have products that you never use, but that just sit around cluttering your bathroom. The first step is getting rid of such products, and focusing just on essentials. If you keep your makeup in the bathroom, you can separate the products that you use daily, from the ones you use only on special occasions.

organized homeNext, move on to the medicine cabinet, and clear out all the expired prescriptions and medications. If you need more space, you can add some shelves, or opt for a bigger cabinet. Instead of keeping shampoos, and other bathing products on the edge of the tub, place them in a plastic or metal container close enough to get them while showering. When it comes to appliances such as curling iron, hairdryer and hair straightener, keep them in a drawer, or in a storage box.

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organized home

Living Room

If you spend a lot of time in your living room, it’s important to keep it organised and multifunctional to prevent cluttering. Once again, you should start by getting rid of any unnecessary items that might create disarray in your living area. You can achieve an amazing effect by placing one central item on a flat area; for example, you can place a beautiful vase on your coffee table, or a decorative ceramic bowl filled with dry flowers.

organized homeHaving a focal point will help you in keeping that area clean and organised without any additional items. To avoid creating an atmosphere of crowdedness, don’t use too many decorative pillows on your sofa; just a couple of them to keep you comfortable will be enough.

organized homeOpting for a multi-functional furniture with hidden storage compartments will save you a lot of space; you can use a window seat that you can also use for storing blankets. Finally, don’t clutter your bookshelves – you don’t need to display every book you have, or all the souvenirs you bought, but be moderate.

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organized homeIn order to feel comfortable in your bedroom, it needs to be clutter-free, otherwise you’ll feel cramped. To achieve this, you should keep just several items on your nightstands – a lamp, alarm clock and book. They should have drawers where you can keep some items that you might need but that can disrupt your interior décor.

organized homeMove on to cleaning your wardrobe, and sorting out your clothes. You can opt for efficient self storage solutions where you can keep your old clothes, and other items that you don’t need at the moment, but you might in the future. Finally, don’t forget dresser tops – they’re the perfect place for keeping everyday makeup on a decorative tray, or jewelry boxes.

Keeping your home clean and organised is important for its functionality. Instead of spending several days on cleaning it every month, you should opt for these efficient organisational tips to prevent clutter and disarray.

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