5 Design Tips for Small Bedrooms

5 Design Tips for Small Bedrooms

small bedroomsDesigning a small bedroom may seem like a daunting task at first glance. But, diminutive size should not discourage you. On the contrary: spatially challenged bedrooms present a great opportunity to unleash your inner designer and get your creative juices flowing. Many small bedrooms have much more character than their larger counterparts. What’s more, you can draw inspiration from numerous stunning examples online and bring fantastic ideas of other people to life.

All that jazz

In matters of style, size does not matter much. Still, you want to get the most of the tiny space, by the power of innovative design and decorating ideas that enable you to assemble a small personal shelter.  So, how about a magic trick first? Putting a mirror on the wall will expand the sense of space and the same effect can be accomplished with closet mirrors. To take the spellbinding atmosphere to the next level, think about the extra shimmer in the form of lighting fixtures, glinting crystals, and wallpaper colors in silvery shades.

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small bedrooms

In new light

There are many other ways to make your small sanctuary of relaxation appear bigger. First off, a lighter color palette visually opens up space. Those who opt for wallpapers with whimsical patterns should stick to this color family and note that decoration might have to be streamlined. After all, one of the worst things you can do in a small space is to go for a cluttered look. It is always a safe bet to stick to the clean, monochromatic color scheme. Also, earthy tones are quite popular as they bring flavor without making the room feel cramped.

Sparking visual interest

A soothing, light backdrop also allows you to add pops of color without over-saturating the bedroom. This means that you can use eye-catching items to spark attention throughout the space. One of the first things to consider is wall art, which personalizes the space and gives it clean lines.

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small bedrooms

The renowned designers advise you to group pictures in arrangements. For example, a pyramid shape gives small spaces more depth. Furthermore, add texture and patterns with rugs, ottomans, and fabrics for the chair, bed skirts, and curtains.

Functionality first

One should never lose sight of the functionality. In a tiny bedroom, the positioning of the furniture is paramount, especially if you have to cope with awkward corners and oddly-positioned windows. So, bear in mind that a custom-made bed is a special treat as it permits you to get the size just right. Still, if this is too much for your budget, you would be wise to splurge on a fine latex mattress for extra comfort and quality sleep time. Also, try to get your hands on built-in storage solutions and see if your bed can accommodate drawers underneath.

A small secret

small bedrooms

At last, it’s worth mentioning that not everything in your bedroom needs to be small. In fact, it often pays off to play the scale and trick your eye once more. A large wardrobe can create a wow effect and make you forget about spatial limitations. Likewise, a quaint work area by the bed can fit perfectly into a small bedroom, even if it has an over-sized table. And if you want to summon more of the vintage savor, invest in wooden furniture, such as tufted-leather chests and side tables.

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Lullaby of a small retreat

The best way to make up for a lack of space is to invoke enthralling charm and atmosphere. The primary concern is practicality, although it should not come at a price of the visual bliss. Smart design enables you to get the best of both worlds and witness an amazing transformation. Harness the power of light colors, spellbinding decoration, and well-thought-out storage. Your little shrine of rejuvenation will reward and bless you with a sleep-inducing symphony of texture, color, and patterns.

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