How to Invest in Real Estate: Guide for 2017

How to Invest in Real Estate: Guide for 2017

investThe average income is not improving, which means the upcoming 2017 will not be a good year for people looking to buy a home. But even when the economy is bad, people who invest in real estate can make serious money. It is a game of supply and demand. The prices of properties tend to drop when the demand is low. This provides low price properties that are ready to be fixed and sold or rented. Here are some helpful tips for investors, how to make good decisions and make a profit with real estate.

Check out properties

Investing in real estate is not something that should be rushed. Don’t go for the first deal you see. Properties should not be purchased just because they appear great. On the other hand, don’t pass on a certain property just because it requires additional work or some fixing. Another thing to remember is that you need to be objective about the property. You won’t be living there, so don’t make quick decisions based on personal preferences. Always check out as many properties as you can, analyze them, and don’t make an impulsive decision.

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Flipping houses

There are two ways to flip a house, the first one being day traders. These people buy securities on houses, hold on to these properties for a short time sometimes not more than a day. As soon as the opportunity arises, they will sell it for a profit. This is a high risk, high reward game. They buy houses believing that they got it under price, and will be able to re-sell it for more money. Being successful in flipping houses this way can make investors huge amounts of money in a short period.

The other kind of house flippers is the one we see on TV shows. They will invest money towards buying a house, put more money into renovating the property fixing it up. This is done in hopes to further raise the price of the property so it can be sold for more money. It takes more time to flip a house this way, but a lot less riskier option for investors.

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Investing in rentals

Flipping houses is not the only way to make money in real estate. Investing in a rental can be steady source of income. It might not sound as exciting as buying a house and selling it the same day, but buying a rental can be a sound strategy. Having a rental and finding tenants will provide the owner with a constant income. But owning a rental can turn into a full-time job, since you must maintain the property.

But how to decide on where to invest in a rental? It will take a lot of research. Look for up and coming neighborhoods. Consider investing in an out of country rental. Having a rental in an exotic location such as Dominican Republic, Costa Rica or Panama, can earn you a lot of money. Vacation destination like these are packed with tourists looking for accommodations.

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How to invest

There are several ways to invest in real estate. You could invest in equity, this would mean that you are a partial owner. It doesn’t matter if it’s a private property or you are an investor in REIT. This way of investment can be good since you depend on the market. If the market is doing good, so are you. One could also invest in debt. Meaning you are putting money into mortgages by lending money to other people who are buying houses.


There are many ways to make money in the real estate business. It is important to set your goals, making a quick profit or a steady income. After that, start learning how to make money in the real estate business and use these helpful tips down the road.

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