Opting for Fireplaces

Posted by John P. Bradford // September 26, 2016


Nowadays buyers who purchase a home seem to opt for the ones with  fireplaces, as it not only adds to the comfort but also to the charm of the house. It gives a feeling of comfort and coziness to the atmosphere. The different choices in fireplaces available these days make it convenient to opt for […]

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How Renovations can Increase the Value of Your Home

Posted by John P. Bradford // September 23, 2016


Value is a complicated concept and is defined according to an individual’s personal priorities. For most people, real value can’t be measured just in dollars and cents, but is also measured by the quality of their life experiences. Transforming a home into an expression of the personal style of its inhabitants is one of life’s […]

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Several Ideas for a Successful Poolside Makeover

Posted by John P. Bradford // September 21, 2016

poolside makeover

If you’ve just put a pool in or moved into a lot that has one, a poolside makeover may seem like a big hit on the budget and a lot of work. It doesn’t have to be that way, especially considering the fact that you can do most of the work by yourself. So here […]

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A Guide to a Friendly and Honest Plumber to Clear Blocked Drain

Posted by John P. Bradford // September 19, 2016


If the drain is blocked what you have to do is first call a plumber. If you cannot make it then the whole area will turn out to be messy. But it is very important that the plumber must be efficient and honest. The work that they do should be affordable to the customer. There […]

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6 Creative Ideas for an Eclectic Bathroom

Posted by John P. Bradford // September 16, 2016

Eclectic Bathroom

Who says that you have to choose between boho and baroque when it comes to bathroom design? What about those lovely terracotta tiles that you saw in a rustic bathroom in Italy? You can and should have it all, as long as you mix the trends with style. Designing an eclectic bathroom is like walking […]

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10 Useful Tips to Have DIY Blinds Perfectly at Your Home

Posted by John P. Bradford // September 14, 2016

diy blinds

Using Do It Yourself or DIY blinds at your home is a great idea. You can have high functionalities along with great aesthetic value when you use these kinds of blinds on your doors or windows. Both the appearance and the functionality can be increased to a great level with the help of such kinds […]

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Stylish Living with a Masculine Vibe

Posted by John P. Bradford // September 12, 2016

stylish living

Home décor is not only something that would interest the ladies, but the gents as well. There’s nothing better than feeling completely comfortable and cozy in your own place. Of course, the way your interior will look depends solely on your own personality and sensibility, but if you’re unsure about where to start and how […]

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Real Estate in Divorce

Posted by John P. Bradford // September 8, 2016


Getting divorced is definitely not an easy thing. There are a lot of emotions involved, but many other things as well. Even though one cannot afford to only think about themselves in most cases (likely, there are children involved), when it comes to disputes over major assets, you should definitely think about yourself, at least […]

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The Essentials of Residential Gas Leak Detection

Posted by John P. Bradford // September 6, 2016

residential gas leak

Although gas companies and governments are doing all they can to inform people about how to use natural gas properly and prevent any residential gas leak and consequently damage (hundreds of people die every year as a result of a gas-leak related incidents), accidents still happen because of malfunctioning appliances or those improperly installed or […]

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How to Build a Fun Place for Your Kids and Boost Their Productivity

Posted by John P. Bradford // August 31, 2016


Kids learn through play, and forcing them to sit in between four grey walls with a dull book in their hands which they should learn by heart is the worst possible way to improve their learning skills and boost their productivity. On the other hand, if you provide them with an environment which is encouraging […]

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