Stylish Living with a Masculine Vibe

Stylish Living with a Masculine Vibe

stylish livingHome décor is not only something that would interest the ladies, but the gents as well. There’s nothing better than feeling completely comfortable and cozy in your own place. Of course, the way your interior will look depends solely on your own personality and sensibility, but if you’re unsure about where to start and how to go about your masculine décor, there are some general guidelines that could help you.

Stylish Living Comfort

When it comes to your décor and furniture layout, and especially in your living room, the best thing to do is provide yourself with some comfy, spacious sofas and armchairs. These are the staple of stylish man cave. If you want to make things classier without spending too much money, your old or bargain furniture can be easily reupholstered with faux leather that would effectively contribute to the whole atmosphere of the interior.

Keep Things Simple

The main characteristic of stylish masculine interior is definitely the efficiency of the layout. When you start arranging your furniture, it would be best to keep things simple and get yourself a practical home with everything within your immediate reach. Of course, the layout can vastly depend on the shape and measures of the rooms, but the simplest design is the right thing to go with.

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Stay Away From Clutter

There are two reasons why you should refrain from accumulating too many accessories in your home. First, if you don’t have a housekeeper, you would have a lot of trouble with dusting every single decorative bit. Second, even if you do have a housekeeper, clutter and accessory chaos don’t look attractive and can create the impression of messy interior even when everything is sparkly clean. If you go with a smart mix of wood and stone in your interior, you wouldn’t need to add too much stuff in order to make things more interesting because these materials act as stylish accessory on their own and add significant warmth to the home.

Touch of Personality

While clutter is something you should avoid, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t add your personal touch to your home with some simpler but more effective home-wares. You can turn your hobby or any kind of interest into a nice and stylish décor. In this regard, music records, a comic, movie or game poster and even a small collection of cars, planes, boats, etc. can look very masculine yet stylish. Moreover, apart from a man with a good sense of humor, there’s nothing more attractive than a man who likes to read, so feel free to use your books and bookshelves as a way of decoration as well. The important thing is to incorporate minimalistic approach even with your accessories and personalization.

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Minimalist Bedroom and Kitchen

While the living room is obviously something that would show off your masculine stylish living and personality the most and provide an inviting and warm place for both you and your guests, the bedroom and kitchen should be minimalist all the way. This is not a rule, however, and if you find something interesting to decorate these two rooms with, by all means, go for it, but most interior design magazines urge minimalism when it comes to a stylish masculine bedroom and kitchen. This kind of décor creates an impression of a strong, secure and serious individual.

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Before you start rearranging your furniture and choosing various decorative pieces, you should make sure to get rid of all the things that you actually don’t use. Even if your home is pristine on the outside, stuffing your closets or storage rooms with stuff you basically never use is definitely going to bother you subconsciously. Therefore, check everything that you’ve hoarded in the past years and get rid of everything that you haven’t used for six months or more. Not only will you feel better but you will also get a fresh start for your cool man cave. Well on your way to Stylish Living with a Masculine Vibe.

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