How to Build a Fun Place for Your Kids and Boost Their Productivity

How to Build a Fun Place for Your Kids and Boost Their Productivity

kidsKids learn through play, and forcing them to sit in between four grey walls with a dull book in their hands which they should learn by heart is the worst possible way to improve their learning skills and boost their productivity. On the other hand, if you provide them with an environment which is encouraging them to explore and be curious, you will spark their imagination and incite them to be lifelong learners. You can achieve that by redecorating their room so that it serves a didactic cause, enhances motor abilities, while still fulfilling its aesthetic purpose. Here are some themed rooms that will make boys and girls thrive.

A Kids World Traveler Room

There is no better way to wake up the wanderlust in your little one than by decorating his/her room with wonders from all around the world. Besides inspiring curiosity, such room will nourish the respect for others and differences. There are plenty of different ways to decorate a kids’ wanderlust room, and you can adapt it to their age and interests. A globe and a decorative wall map or a mural, are always a good idea in such rooms. You can also make/buy beds in the form of some mean of transport (e.g. car, pirate boat, an airplane, etc.). Pictures, posters and miniatures of some unique places in the world, such as Machu Picchu or Egyptian Pyramids, will certainly make them want to know more about the world.

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A Kids Superhero Cave

The years when superheroes were only meant for boys are long gone, and now little girls too can be inspired by their ethics, altruism, bravery and team work. So the Avengers and Justice League are appropriate for both boys and girls, and you can include them with comic book shelves, superhero figurines, superhero masks on the wall, murals, themed bed covers, etc.


A Kids Place for Music

Music benefits kids in many different ways. It boosts their brain power, improves their memory, helps them be more confident and to express. And when they are really interested in playing some instrument, it can really teach them discipline. So, designing a room that will appeal to their musical side can be very useful. You can include several different instruments, paint a symphony on the wall, or hang some photos of their favorite bands, if the kids are a bit older. You can even DIY drum poufs for sitting area. All you will need is some weight fabric, zipper to put on the side for stuffing the pouf and, of course rope for the drum-effect.

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Animal Kingdom

Is there something that kids love more than animals? Well, you can turn their room into the most exciting animal habitat – the jungle. Animal murals and wall stickers are a must, but you can be way more creative than that. Get a few real-size stuffed jungle animals and make a cool safari tent as a reading or hiding nook. Work out your DIY muscles by making wooden beds, rope-planks bridges, climbers and swings for playtime. You can easily build an indoor swing by using nothing more than a single plank (usually a 2 x 4 x 8 piece) for the seat, a 1 x 2 x 8 piece of wood for the top, a firm and long rope, wood screws, and a precise skil drill press for making holes in the pieces of wood.

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Take Your Cue from a Book… Or a Movie

Books and movies are the never-ending inspiration for kids’ rooms. While the kids are still too small to have their favorite, you can choose something you like, or take your cue from a book you read them before bedtime. When they’re older, they will have their own choices, so they’ll make our job much easier. Here, your possibilities are limitless. You can make a magical entrance to Narnia, a Hogwarts-inspired bedroom, Finding Nemo walls, etc.

Kids are the most imaginative beings on this world, and they all have great potential which can be nourished and grown in an appropriate environment. A perfect way to do that is by making their rooms encouraging and stimulating, so try out one of these décor ideas, or come up with something entirely original.

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