Several Ideas for a Successful Poolside Makeover

Several Ideas for a Successful Poolside Makeover

poolside makeoverIf you’ve just put a pool in or moved into a lot that has one, a poolside makeover may seem like a big hit on the budget and a lot of work. It doesn’t have to be that way, especially considering the fact that you can do most of the work by yourself. So here are a few nifty ideas to turn your poolside into a focal point of your backyard and a hub of any future poolside entertainment.

Poolside Makeover Starts With a Path

Start with the basics – upgrade the path leading to and around your pool. Replace your old tiles with new ones and prepare yourself to be amazed by a fresh look your pool will obtain. When choosing the colors of your tiles, consider your house design – you’ll want it to be cohesive and look like it was built at the same time. For example, you can match the edges of your pool with the foundation of your house or chimneys. As for colors, think complementary – for instance, if your house is orange or yellow, your pool should be blue.

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Make Your Pool a Social Hot Spot

Poolside parties are one of the greatest perks of those warm summer nights, so you’ll want your patio to be guest-friendly. Start with seating – one sofa, two or three chairs, a coffee table, and you’ll be good to go. When on a budget, you can reuse the old furniture or make a new one out of pallets. Add some colorful cushions to make it prettier and more comfortable. An outdoor dining space is another great idea. You can use thrifted chairs and a dining table – all you need is a brush, some paint and a will to take your dining experience to the next level.

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Protect Yourself From the Sun

Yes, backyard pools are for tanning, but you’ll definitively need some shade to hide from the heat and direct sunlight. Trees are generally a good option for your backyard, but leaves and other debris trees produce would constantly litter your swimming oasis. That’s where quality shade structures, as retractable pergolas and roof systems, come to the rescue. They’re durable and they’ll protect you from the harmful UV rays since they can be custom fit to the specific area you live in.

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Add Some Cool Features

If your backyard is big enough, you can make your own private open movie theatre. An old sheet and a projector will do just fine, but you can go further, depending on your budget and skills. Every pool needs deckchairs and, again, re-purposed pallets can be a real money-saver. A fire pit would be a nice addition for those chilly summer nights, while a backyard barbecue is an absolute must for every house owner. Grilling burgers or veggies by the pool – what could be better for lazy Sunday afternoons?

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Update Your Lighting Game

Now that you finally renovated your poolside, it would be a shame to keep it in the dark. Invest in artificial lights and show off your design. LED lights make the perfect choice since they’re relatively cheap and last much longer than ordinary lights. A budget-friendly option is to hang paper lanterns or even Christmas lights on the trees or your house poles. Colorful or monochromes, it’s up to your preference. Take a step further and make a glowing stone path or flowerpots to give your patio a romantic vibe. Add some candles to create even more intimate atmosphere, just make sure you put them out before leaving your home or going to sleep.

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And that’s it. Regardless of your budget, your poolside area can have a complete makeover and become the hot spot of your backyard. A backyard pool is a dream come true but with these small renovations, it could look better than you ever imagined. So go ahead and start tinkering!

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