Why You Choose Timber Bi-Fold Windows for Your House?

Why You Choose Timber Bi-Fold Windows for Your House?

bi-fold windowsThere are multiple options available in designs and materials of windows available these days. You might opt for bi-fold windows but making the right choice of the material is essential. Aluminum might work out a cheaper option but price is not the only factor you take into consideration when investing on bi-fold windows. But the most ancient style of window is made of timber and if you choose the window with the best longevity and elegant style, you need to install the timber bi-fold window in your home.

4 Benefits of Timber Bi-fold Windows

  • Timber can add to the aesthetics of a home unlike aluminum. Windows are designed in a specific manner so that they can provide a view of the outside and also allow ample amount of sunlight in your home. Apart from that, timber bi-fold window can enhance your home decoration and it can give you the best longevity. The polish color and stylish design of the timber window can make you satisfied and you can easily operate these windows without any hassle.
  • Timber, being a sustainable source, lessens the carbon foot print. Production of timber can also eliminate the waste water being produced by other materials like aluminum. Timber trees tend to breathe the carbon dioxide from the air and breathe out oxygen, which works out a healthy option. Besides this, opting for timber bi-fold windows you are provided with apt insulation and sealing, reducing the need of heating and cooling your home.
  • Bi-fold timber windows can provide a link from your kitchen to the patio or the deck. Entertaining on the outside gets convenient. These windows provide the required ventilation for any home and that is one of the reasons these are a favored choice among most of the home owners. You can also install these windows as a divider between two rooms and you can easily operate them for your convenience.
  • The security factors are also emphasized on the bi-fold windows available these days. There is no need to worry as this has been looked into. These windows can be bought with multiple locking points instead and you can also install some additional hitches in these windows. Also timber is a strong material and it is very hard to break or damage these windows by any intruders.
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There are few companies who tend to take a deposit before they manufacture the specific windows. You can make sure of the reputation of the company and the experience before you place your order. You also need to make sure you get some sort of warranty with the windows.


 The bi-fold windows are available in different configurations with single and double opening windows. This requires an apt measurement to be taken before you place an order. The choice depends totally on your requirement.

Panels and Size

The size of the panel depends on the material, here being Timber. A less number of panels are a sensible choice as this can provide a visibility considered as ‘better’. This also helps in the easy maneuvering of the windows.

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Looking for the Right Company

 As mentioned earlier, it is advisable to make a choice of a company which speaks of a good reputation along with experience. This ensures on the quality of the windows. Get different references before you make a choice. You also need to keep your budget in mind and choose a company which provides these timber bi-fold window at affordable rates.

You can also get the required information in details as you can either e-mail the company or even call them up. It is advisable to be patient and make your choice of a company by putting in the required effort.

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