Spruce up your Bare Walls

Spruce up your Bare Walls

Wall DecorationBare walls are boring, and reflect a homeowner’s lack of imagination. There is so much you can do to add remarkable style features to your vertical surfaces. Here are some of the ideas. Some of these improvements will work for you, and some will not. The overall style and décor of your home will ultimately choose the wall decorations instead of you.

Versatile Wallpapers

If your space is leaning to modern and edgy style, the safest choice is to go with a geometric pattern wallpaper with endless possibilities. You can achieve a reverse effect by choosing a wallpaper with bright lines which are the same as the next room wall paint. If a more natural look is what you are aiming for, opt for a wallpaper in outdoor-style, like wood grain. Any kind of wallpaper brings a texture and a third dimension to your walls.

Green Walls

Also known as living walls allow you to set up an interior garden wall right in your living room. Unlike green facades, plants grow and receive nutrients from structural support which is attached to the wall, not from the ground. With hundreds of different plants available, with unique structural designs and biodiversity, green walls can energize your living space with countless, hues, textures and sizes that nature has to offer. Pick among flowering perennials, foliage plants, ground covers and even small shrubs.

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EmpWall Decorationhasize Smaller Spaces with Molding

Alternatively known as picture framing, this technique involves applying narrows trips of molding to accent panels. You can make frames of various size to emphasize smaller spaces, like fireplaces or small window panes. For the best aesthetic effect make sure that the space between frames is constant and the edges aligned.

Mosaic Tiles

Applying mosaic tiles on your interior walls from floor to ceiling makes them the central feature in your room. Coordinate color schemes, for example in the kitchen you can use light blue mosaics which will accent dark brown wood cabinets and furniture. In order to avoid making kitchen too crowded with details, cabinets should be as plain as possible.

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New Look of Wood Panels 

You can do a lot of things with plain dull wood paneling. Among other things, give your room a completely new, fresh cottage style by painting it white. Apart from bringing life into the living space it also reflects a lot of lights, making smaller rooms like attic bedrooms more spacious and comfortable.

Dark & Light Bathroom Play

As an above all intimate and relaxing space bathroom wall shouldn’t remain unadorned. The point is to make a contrast, alternating between small and large tiles, light and dark surfaces. Look how a contemporary but still cozy look can be achieveWall Decorationd by these wide brown tiles in stacked pattern. They are complemented with small white mosaic tiles from the adjacent wall and floor, which differ both in color and size.

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 Framed Squares

By repeating the square shape of the wall frames, you can achieve dramatic artwork using trim plaster pieces. Ideal for entryways, this plain but warm black and white combination makes this lobby welcoming and promising.

Period Wall Elements

Revoke the olden times with period wall panels and trim shapes. Ideal for more traditional décor, 18th century Georgian style is reflected in raised paneling, dentil crown moldings and intricate fireplace frames.

The ideas for bare wall decoration are measureless, as are the materials and techniques that they employ. The only thing that set you back is the size of your wallet and the fact that your partner hates the design you have chosen.

Written By Derek Lotts

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