Rustic Decor For Your Bathroom

Rustic Decor For Your Bathroom

rustic decorIf you think it is time for your bathroom remodeling and redecorating and you really do not dig the vibe of cold and icy feeling that modern bathrooms tend to give off, you might want to consider rustic decor style for your new bathroom décor since it will bring enough warmth and coziness for you to feel relaxed and completely at home.

Start with walls

You might not be that willing to take upon yourself some major remodeling work when it comes to the bathroom décor, but even small touches can provide the rustic look. For example, adequate paint, wallpapers or tiles can add enough of the rustic feel. Earthy colors for paint, tiles that depict stone and wood images, attaching some wooden planks on strategic places on the walls and even simple cement mix can create different variations of the rustic look. You can choose an option that suits your personality the best. Just remember, if you are going to use wood make sure to coat it with a protective waterproof layer.

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Little detailrustic decors make the difference

Next to the look of your walls, even small details can turn a regular bathroom to vintage place of rest and relaxation. For example, a nice shower or bath tub curtain will add a new dimension to the bathroom and to make it more rustic in appearance, so pick one of either yellowish muted color or rich vintage pattern. Again, it all depends on your preferences. What’s more, you do not need to buy a whole new mirror so that it would fit nicely with your new décor. Old picture frames can also be used to frame and decorate any plain-looking mirror. You can add a flower pot here and there as well. If your bathroom has enough space, you can use old suitcases, boxes or trunks as a great rustic alternative for holding all of your bathroom necessities. Moreover, old, almost torn pictures on the walls or a dream-catcher hanging from the ceiling can spice things up nicely.

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Great storage solutions

If you are not afraid of some more work and effort put into your new rustic bathroom décor and again, if you have enough space, replace your ordinary bathroom cabinets by re-purposing your old dressers. In this case, you can let your imagination do the work for you and make your new old cabinets look distressed, spray paint them with a bronze or gold color and even apply decoupage technique to decorate them to your taste. In case you have a small bathroom that cannot fit any cabinets, you can shift your creativity towards the wall shelves. For that extra storage space for towels and necessities, you can place a small wooden ladder under the sink.

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rustic decorProper plumbing work

Always be aware that good shower plumbing is of utmost importance for your complete peace of mind and best bathroom experience. Therefore, if you really want to go all out and change the look of your bathtub, shower and/or sink, ask the professionals for help. Copper tubs and plumbing are a great addition to any rustic-looking bathroom. Of course, you can go for more industrial look with seemingly worn out metal pipes and tubes or more of a vintage vibe with claw-foot tub and golden-like plumbing.

Before you start any major work on redecorating your bathroom, analyze its size and layout and plan everything in advance using the information on all possibilities that your bathroom can offer. With this knowledge, you can plan your future work precisely and find your perfect décor solution more quickly and easily. 

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