Avoid These Deal-breakers When Selling Your Home

Avoid These Deal-breakers When Selling Your Home

Selling your home is a big decision that requires you to do so many things correctly. Over the years of working with home sellers, helping to them to sell their home as fast and smoothly as possible, we have found the following to be helpful in the home selling process.

Working With a Real Estate Solutions Company: There have been times when upon meeting our future clients for the first time they tell us that they are thinking about listing their home as “For Sale By Owner” (FSBO). We are more than happy to listen to their reasons for thinking about exploring this path and thankfully they are always willing to listen to why they should work with us. The turning point seems to always take place once we share the following fact: FSBO home sales on average sell for almost $50,000 less than homes sold with assistance. We have yet to find a partner who did not think $50,000 was worth missing out on!

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Setting the Correct Sale Price: Deciding what to list your home for comes down to doing the research. If you set your price too low, you will sell your home fast but leave money on the table. However, if you set your price too high, you could end up having your home sit on the market for months on end. We work with you to dig into your neighborhood statistics, pore through the comparable homes in your area, and understand the unique elements your home has to offer. Setting your sale price correctly is hugely important to a fast home sale.

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Using Great Photos: Today’s reality is that 90% of potential home buyers are beginning their new home hunt on the Internet. As a result, your initial interaction with your potential home buyer will first come via your home’s online listing. If you can afford it, think about hiring a professional photographer to come in and take pictures of your home for you. While you know what aspects of your home are most worthy of displaying, the photographers often know how best to showcase. But if a professional is not in your budget, at least use a real camera for your home’s photos. Camera phones can work well but you want to eliminate the possibility of dark or blurry images.

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Leave No Stone Unturned: Or in other words, fix the small stuff! Walk through your home and identify all of the signs of wear and tear. These include little things like dirty windows alongside bigger issues like brown water spots on the ceiling. Take notes on all of the issues and then set to work fixing. Remember: you are staging your home to help your potential home buyer be able to envision himself or herself  living here; a little DIY and elbow grease can go a long way in helping create this vision!

These tips are just the beginning for a fast home sale. To learn more about what the Homes Re-Imagined team can do for you, give us a call today 703-552-1372!

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