Virginia Home Buyers: Watch Out For These Red Flags (Part 2)

Virginia Home Buyers: Watch Out For These Red Flags (Part 2)

Continuing last week’s list of Red Flags for Virginia Home Buyers, below is our second half of items to be on the look out for when preparing to buy your new home.

Damage from Pests:

Damage due to pests can be very unsightly, however it is the damage that you are unable to see that is dangerous and costly. Issues such as chewed studs can completely compromise the structural integrity of the home; paying to repair this damage will be extremely expensive. If a home has a history of pest issues, having previously been inspected and treated, the seller needs to disclose this to you, so be sure to ask if the home has had any such problems.

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Water Issues and/or Damage:

As you tour the home, pay attention to any water stains that you might encounter. It is also recommended that you (or a home inspector) check beneath the house for any issues with water as any sign of a drainage issues will be good to know as it will be costly fix. Water issues are important to be aware of as they can negatively affect areas like the foundation, structure and roof.

Check the Electrical:

Older homes often means older electrical which results in difficulty when it comes to being able to handle any additional electrical work. Over time, this electrical work builds up to the point of needing some major repairs. Replacing any knob and tube wiring or even aluminum wiring found in older homes is a big undertaking.

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Beware of  Asbestos:

Used between the 1940s-70s, asbestos was inexpensive fire-retardant material that we now know is not good for your lungs. During this time, asbestos was employed in a number of various applications vinyl floor tiles, some glues, window caulking and glazing, roofing material, HVAC duct insulation, siding material, plaster, etc. A home with asbestos is not a home for you.


Found in cool, damp areas molds can present a number of health issues as some can produce and release toxic compounds which lead to neurological problems or worse. Mold is an obvious red flag for health reasons, but it also a financial issue as well, being a very pricey issue to have professionally removed.

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Buying a home is a huge commitment. You have to factor in a number of different elements across a wide spectrum – personal, emotional, financial, and so on. Here at Homes Re-Imagined, we want to help you make the right choices. Give us a call today and see what our team can do for you: 703-552-1372!

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