Last-minute tips for increasing the value of your real estate

Last-minute tips for increasing the value of your real estate

real estateReal estate trading has a very long history – mankind was doing that long before the very term “real estate” was even in use – so it is safe to say that people trying to sell their properties are aware that they should invest some time and money into renovation in order to get a better market price. But, what happens when you lack one of the two, or even both? Should you accept the lower price even though you aware that your real estate is worth more? Absolutely not. Here are few tips for avoiding this unpleasant outcome.

Let Your Kitchen Sell the House

Kitchen was, is, and it will always be considered the heart of every home. If you make it spacy, functional, and good looking, most of the byers will be willing to overlook some of your home’s potential flaws. Start doing that by thoroughly cleaning the entire room, and replacing the small elements like faucets, appliances and cabinet door handles. If you cannot afford to do the same for the larger, worn out kitchen pieces, try to paint, or even completely remove them and create some free space in the process.

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real estateTake Care of the Bathroom

Unsightly bathroom is possibly the biggest turnoff for potential buyers; make sure you leave a really good impression here. Again, you do not have to change more expensive elements like bathtub, or the toilet, but taking care of the small details like toilet seats, cabinets, vanities, lighting, faucets, and even the shower curtains will help your bathroom to show a much more pleasant face to its visitors. Deep cleaning and getting rid of all the traces of mould go without a saying.

Give Your House a Fresh Lick of Paint

There is hardly a cheaper, yet more efficient way to make your house look good again than by giving it a paint job. And, all you need to do that are paint, sandpaper, few brushes, and roller. Now, depending on the effect you want to achieve, the choice of the colours you are going to use may vary, but if you want to make your house appear rejuvenated and fresh you should probably go with some of the adequately vibrant two-tone combinations. It would not be a bad idea to give each room a unique personality, either.

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Dress Your House to Killreal estate

Every buyer has its own vision of its dream home, so it is very hard to decorate your house to appeal to everyone’s taste. Instead, just do your best to get rid of the clutter, cover the furniture with your best tablecloths, blankets, and cushions (you can even buy new ones for this occasion), populate the house with interesting details like old radios and cameras, pieces of modern art, or any other detail you see fitting, and present its current design in the best possible light.

Make sure the Entrance Looks as Good as Possible

Still, no matter how well your house may look from the inside, most of the buyers agents from Sidney, or any other city for that matter, will immediately start thinking how to lower its price if they are not greeted with the arranged garden, well-maintained curbs and lawns, recently painted doors, and small details like stylish knobs and letterboxes. All these interventions can be done very quickly and they are very cheap, so do your best not to leave the bad first impression by skipping them.

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These were some of the easiest, and the most affordable ways to change how your house looks in a matter of days. And if few days, and a little bit of effort are the only things you need to help your real estate to reach a better price, we say they are well worth the try.

Exclusively Written For Homes Re-Imagined, LLC By Derek Lotts

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