Quick Home Decor Tips for First Time Home Buyers

Quick Home Decor Tips for First Time Home Buyers

First Time Home BuyersBuying their first house is a great step in every person’s life and it is not that easy to make it. However, you have made it and now it is time to turn that house into a home. Instead of just loading the new house with all the things you already possess, try thinking of a new style you always liked and start your decorating project. Here are some easy tips for quick decoration.

Start with the Bedroom

You may have already started imagining your new home and the moving check list is already composed, but there is one great place to start – your new bedroom. Since moving, renovating and decorating take time, you want to take care of this room first because it is your personal space and you will need a comfy place to sleep. You may be new to buying large furniture, so start with a classic bed that will stand the test of time. Afterwards, find bedding to complement it. After that is done, consider repainting the bedroom with some neutral and calming colors such as lighter shades of blue, gray or beige. However, the color palette is completely up to you, and you can top the décor off with some elegant drapes or blinds.

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First Time Home Buyers

Invest in a Sofa

A sofa will be the anchor of your new living room. You should invest a bit more money in it, since it has multiple purposes and your future guests and your family will spend plenty of time in the living room. Find a quality sofa of a perfect size and scale for your needs and make sure it suits your new home. After you have found the perfect one, decorating the rest of the living room around it will be a piece of cake. Plus, you will know exactly how to navigate your budget after purchasing this important piece.

First Time Home Buyers

Foundation of Rugs

If you are worried your new home looks rather naked, consider investing in quality rugs. Rugs are amazingly versatile and can add personality and texture to any room. The experts from DecoRug recommend laying layers of different rugs that will make a good foundation and will provide comfort and warmth. Start with a large rug of natural fiber such as sisal or seagrass to cover the hard floors. To add more personality, add a slightly smaller but more vibrant rug with patterns and lively colors. However, consider ordering custom-made rugs, just to make sure everything fits nicely, and don’t forget to play with colors, patterns and textures in order to find your perfect décor foundation.

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First Time Home Buyers

Window Treatment

The best way to introduce desired luxury and color into your new home is with drapes and curtains. Pick a style that will complement the rooms and fight the urge to match colors too much. In order to provide more elegance and charm, try finding contrasting colors for window treatment. If the rest of the room’s décor is rather light in color, opt for darker window treatment, and if the room is rather dark, lighter drapes will do the trick. You can even treat the windows with some elegant DIY blinds of natural materials to complete the décor.

First Time Home Buyers


Remember that this is your home now and you can decorate it the way you want. Don’t forget to personalize with textiles through various colorful pillows, area rugs, lamp shades etc. Books, figurines and every other personal item you want to display will make a nice addition to the décor, as well. You don’t depend on anyone else anymore and you can punch holes in the walls as much as you want for your wall art and photos.

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First Time Home Buyers

These few tips will help you get started in creating your dream house. Be creative and invest in bigger, important pieces. You don’t have to buy everything at once; and if you are patient, your new home will be complete in no time.

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