Home Safe: How to Put Your Name on It!

Home Safe: How to Put Your Name on It!

home safeThere has been an increased interest in purchasing home safes for quite some time now. And, this is not a surprise, given the times we live in. The first reason surely is the continual recession and the increase in number of breaking and entering throughout the world it induced. The second would be a decline of trust in banks as the safe keepers of our money and valuables due to a number of financial affairs and insecure investments. If you find these reasons sufficient, it was high time you got your own home safe. Here is how to pick a proper one.


The size and volume of the safe are probably the first things that need to be taken care of. Naturally, the safe needs to fit its designated place at your home and you should start by measuring the spot and comparing it to the various dimensions home safes are available at. Another thing you need to be particularly careful about, especially if you are buying large safes, is that you will be able to transport it and take it inside. Measure doors and windows carefully to be absolutely sure the safe will go through.

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After making sure that the dimensions are suitable, consider the volume of the safe, that is, the capacity of things that can be put in it. Do not get the largest safe possible just for the sake of it and by all means do not get the smallest one unless you are absolutely certain it will be able to comfortably accommodate all your precious items and that you will not need a larger one ever again. The best way to do this is to open the safe in the store or ask for detailed pictures of the interior if you are buying online and check its real volume, advise the people behind Buy a Safe. The inside dimensions may be significantly smaller than the interior ones, due to insulation and thickness of material used.

Burglary resistance

Regardless of how bulky and strong your home safe is, if it has a low degree of burglary resistance there is a high chance your valuables will be taken if a skilled burglar enters your home. The higher the grade, the safer the safe is. For example, a TL-15 rated safe is supposed to withstand 15 minutes of tool operation. On the other hand, the burglars are usually in a hurry and take only what they can easily carry. If you cannot afford high graded burglary resistance safes, opt for the heaviest one in your price range.

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Home Safe Fire Rating

The statistics show that there is around 25% chance that your household will catch some kind of a fire during your lifetime. This makes fire rating an important characteristic of every home safe and something that needs to be taken into serious consideration when choosing one. This is particularly true for anyone who plans to keep easily inflammable items in it, or those that will be damaged when exposed to high temperatures, such as paper money, tape recordings or guns and ammunition, to name just a few


Portable or inbuilt one?home safe

This is a choice that needs to be made based on the location where the safe will be put and the owner’s preference. Built in safes, just as their name says are bolted to the floor or installed within the walls and they are stationary. On the other hand, portable safes are meant to be moved. If you opt for that one, make sure it is of such weight that at least one family member can individually carry it in case of emergency.

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To sum up, putting your name on the safe takes several steps. After making sure the size and volume of a safe fit your capacity and needs do not forget what home safes are about in the first place. A good home safe is above all a secure one so make sure that the ratings of the one you opt for vouch for it.

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