Green Ways to Thoroughly Clean Your Pool Patio

Green Ways to Thoroughly Clean Your Pool Patio

Pool PatioHaving a swimming pool in your very own backyard is an über privilege, we all know that. You can choose whether you want to drink your coffee next to the soothing sound of water or swim your troubles away under the afternoon sun.  But when it comes to hygiene, pool patios can be quite problematic to clean. With this in mind, here are several tactics you can try in order to minimize the damage, prevent mold and be truly Eco-friendly.

Tap Water under Pressure

Yes, this does sound too easy and simple to be efficient, but it does really work. Cleaning pools with pressured tap water will surely be quite thorough and, at the same time, rather cheap and ecologically aware. You can even collect and reuse rainwater because it provides the same quality, but is virtually completely free. Which ever you choose, be aware how you adjust the pressure – too high might damage the surface of the patio and the tiles.

Commercial Products

There are many chemical products you can easily purchase at your local supermarket and they do an amazing job with cleaning pool patios, but they can be dangerous, harmful and quite problematic when speaking of green side of the project. Therefore, you should look for safer choices and use only products that are biodegradable, contain no hazardous chemicals and too harsh towards your hands. Just spray them all around the pool, wait for a while and hose down with water.

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Home-Based SolutionsPool Patio

In this day and age, when more and more people advocate sustainable pools, products that already are in your kitchen may be the most sustainable and eco-friendly approach to cleaning. Items like vinegar, baking soda, ammonia and borax are inexpensive, easily obtainable and powerful. Moreover, they do not harm the environment nor pose a threat to you. But, still, dilute them in some water before applying to the surface of the pool patio, just to be sure.

Steaming It

In case your mold is persistent and cannot be dealt with using previously mentioned simple solutions, you have to come up with a new one and bring in some assistance. Luckily, there is something that can help you reach perfection quite quickly – steam cleaners. They work just like pressured water, but have more power and use steam to reach those inaccessible parts of the pool and area between the tiles. A couple of months ago, I tried the state-of-the-art sv8 steam cleaner and was more than pleased with the results: it did not cost much, did a great job and was absolutely in compliance with the green initiative. Quickly rinsing the surface after you have finished steam cleaning will make sure your pool patio looks as good as new.

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Ice, IcePool Patio Power

If you want to go full-eco, this could be the thing you are looking for – dry ice blasting uses nothing than water and transforms it into particles of dry ice that will end the mold once and for all. There are no chemicals involved, so you can be sure that the environment will not suffer. Alas, this idea is still quite new and not yet fully spread in the world, but is still one of the most popular innovations that eco-friendly pool specialists use.

As you can see, having your pool patio sparkling clean following some of the earth-friendly practices is quite simple. What’s best, both Mother Nature and your wallet will surely know how to appreciate it.

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Written By Lillian Connors

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