Dear First Time Home Seller: Read This

Dear First Time Home Seller: Read This

first time home sellers

If you are a first time home seller getting ready to sell your home there is a good chance your nerves are a little frazzled. Where do you even begin? The process can be a bit overwhelming, but following these tips will help minimize stress.

1. Price it Right – List price is one of the key factors that dictate how smoothly the selling process will go. Many make the mistake of listing high to leave room for negotiations or to mark down as reduced later, but doing this scares away buyers and you lose the excitement that comes with being a new listing. Of course, you don’t want to list too low either. Put a lot of thought into the price.

2. Explore Your Real Estate Pro Options – You don’t have to hire the real estate pro you talk to. Make sure they know the area, monitor multiple listing services, and are tech-savvy to take advantage of all available tools.

3. Remove Personal Items – Leaving a number of family photos and other personalized items out is a big mistake. These items make it harder for a buyer to imagine their own belongings there.

4. Clear the Clutter – Pack away everything you don’t need and only leave the minimal amount of décor and furnishings. If you have to, rent a storage space. Pack half your closets, too. If they are on the empty side, they will look larger than if hangers are crammed in there.

5. Be Prepared to Show – Some buyers make a rule that they need a two- or three-day notice to show their home. The problem with doing this is the buyer is likely to find something else. Give your home a deep cleaning and then make a point to keep it spotless so you are ready to show when asked.

6. Determine Your Negotiating Strategy – Is there a specific price you won’t dip below? Are you willing to pay closing costs, if it comes down to it?

7. Have Professional Photos Taken – Photos are the first impression for the potential buyer who finds you through a listing. Poor quality photos may deter people from looking at it in person. A professional will capture unique angles and natural light.

8. Improve Curb Appeal – Don’t forget about the exterior of your home. Photos may be the first impression for some, but others see your home for the first time when they pull up to it. Make sure the landscaping is attractive, but low maintenance.

Selling your home could happen nearly immediately, but it may also take a while. Try not to get frustrated, and don’t take rejection personally. Buyers are looking for a home that speaks to them, but if you market and stage appropriately, your house very well could be the place they want to call home.

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