Beautiful Bohemian Inspired Living Room Ideas

Beautiful Bohemian Inspired Living Room Ideas

Living RoomThere are many ways to make your living room stylish, but if you want it to make a statement, you simply must go with Bohemian. This way, you will show everyone that although you deeply care for the visual impression your home makes, you are not willing to make any compromise or bend to any rules. The best thing about going Boho is that designing a room in that style is by far the most fun decoration you could ever hope to do. With this in mind, here are some beautiful Bohemian inspired living room ideas.

Boho Colors for the Living Room

Even though colors are what they are since the beginning of time, our opinions of them change almost on a daily basis, so it is not strange at all that every year we have a new set of colors that are in. Seeing how baby blue, gold and bright pink are already announced as more or less official colors of 2016, one can safely assume that this year has already began as Boho-friendly. Still, we already mentioned that this style is all about non-conformism you can go with any other Boho color you like. You can safely go with any nuance of green or red as well without the fear of breaching your Bohemian design.

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Opposition to Minimalism

When speaking about minimalism, it would be quite logical to think about Boho as its natural counterpart. For instance, minimalists will say that “less is more,” while people following Bohemian style will always go for “more is more” attitude. This being said, what can make or break this style is the attention to detail. Namely, the more you accessorize the more you will be in the spirit of Boho. Therefore, feel free to go for wall ornaments, and photos as much as you can as well as for a decorative cushion wherever you can fit one.

Going For CozyLiving Room

One thing you need to remember about making a Boho inspired living room is that it is not supposed to look like an office, but more like a pleasure dome. This means that everything you see needs to look as cozy as possible. Lots of cushions will already give you a great head start but this alone is seldom enough. Try to go for a soft looking furniture and at all cost avoid those pieces that are too angular. Remember one thing, everything here is made to accommodate you and you alone. For the final touch, you can also go for one of those amazing oriental Zado floor rugs in order to get the real feeling of Bohemian extravaganza in your living room.

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Living RoomIndoor Jungle

Finally, in order to fully depict wild and untamed nature of Boho style, you need to have as much pot plants and floral decoration in your room as possible. One must not forget that Bohemian lifestyle is meant to celebrate life and nature, so without this all your other decoration efforts will be quite futile. Your safest first choice would probably be to go with either Areca Palm or Fiddle Leaf Fig, while another great idea would be to add Heart Leaf Philodendron. Still, this choice is completely up to you.

As you can see, Boho has no rules, only guidelines and it is exactly this that will allow your creativity to breathe. If you aim to go for that recognizable yet somehow unique look what you need to do is start thinking in this Bohemian direction. In the end, only restrictions that you will face here are set down by your own creativity.

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